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Where do you get the poketech app happiness on Pokemon diamond?


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You get it from a women on 1FL of the Pokemon Centre in Eterna City.

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You can get one in Solaceon Ruins with the dowsing machine app on the poketech.

when you hold down the stylus on the friendship app in your poketech and there are two hears that apear one at a time and grow big. you can also go to the footprint master and if he gives your Pokemon a ribbon, it has maximum happiness.

There is no such app, there is only an app which can show you where roaming Pokemon, such as Mesprit and Cresellia are, called the Marking Map (which can be obtained from the president of the Poketch company after obtaining the Veilstone badge).

In Pokemon Diamond the Friendship Checker (also called the Happiness Checker) app is #6.

u click and hold the Pokemon with ur stylus

He evolves at any level with MAX happiness(you can check your poketech app, the one with hearts over your pokemon. 2 hearts=max happiness.). But, you must level him up with max happiness during the DAYTIME.

Talk to the poketech guy in jublife city who is inside the poketech building. If you have won the fourth gym badge, he will give you the marking map app.

It means thAt. That Pokemon is at maximum happiness and if youcan answer this , where can you find a happiny in any of the three Pokemon games ( platinum pearl or diamond )

there is a poketech app that shows you what lvl your poke is at the daycare. not sure where to get it. look on a poketech app walkthrough

The dowsing machine is a poketech app which scans the ground for hidden items. It is app no.7.

You can get it from the PokeTech App place in Jubilife City.

You find it by walking around into different towns and it will show you where it is on an app on your poketech.

You get it as one of the Poketech apps in the beginning of the game. It is generally right after the Pokemon List app.

you get it by getting 2 big hearts on a chansey and lvling it up you check the hearts with the happiness checker app

You will get a poketech app. that is a timer and after that she will want to see a kecleon, and then she will give you the poketch app that allows you to change the color of the poketch app bacground, instead of it always being green.

you can check a pokemons happiness in Diamond/pearl by the use of a poketch app, in previous games you could only know in the happiness was maxed by obtain a ribbon from a certain character depending on the game.

I am thinking you get it from the poketech company. correct me if i am wrong

yes, but it takes a while, and use the poketech app that allows you to track Pokemon

If you have the happiness App. for your pokewatch thing... you can see how much your Pokemon loves you (how happy they are).

Get the berry app on your Poketech by vusiting the Poketech lab in Jubelife City

It is a poketech app after you solve the problem with the power plant. You have to go to the radio tower in kanto after and talk to the people and one will give you the app.

You must have 7 badges then talk to the president of the poketech company in jubilife city and he will give you the app

All you need to do is go to Valor Lakefront and you rockclimb a few times and you will turn out in front of a house at some point and you go inside and talk to the people and there you have it the coin toss app for your poketech

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