Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

Where do you get the regis pokemon emerald?


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Here is the guide..Look in the sources[down] for the link


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Only Regis in Pokemon EmeraldYes.Those Are The Only Regis In Pokemon Emerald. Too Bad.there are regi in ruby and sapphire and regigigas in d/p/pt

it tells you how to unlock the regis

All 3 of the Regis are level 40.

u cant caught the regis in Pokemon pearl if you want the regis migrate it from sapphire,ruby or emerald

you can only catch them in Pokemon emerald, sapphire, or ruby

i want a Pokemon with dig for open the cove of the regis

Migrate from Pokemon ruby emerald Sapphire

you have to migrate them from emerald, saphire, or ruby.

You have to migrate them from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

ruby=groudon+raquaza+latios+the regis sapphire=kyogre+raquaza+latias+the regis emerald=raquaza+groudon+kyogre+latios or latias+the regis

Yes. You get them the same way as in R/S.

You have to trade from either Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald to get them.

You have to trade them from ruby, sapphire or emerald.

not. you will have to migrate them from emerald

You are not able to catch the regis in Diamond. You can catch them in the Game Boy Advance version of Pokemon Emerald.

do the thing to open the other regis do the thing to open the other regis

You first have to get Regigigas,but to that you have to migrate the three regis from emerald.

no you do not just the Pokemon relicanth and wailord.

No you cannot get the regis nor any hoenn Pokemon all must be traded to you from ruby, sapphire and emerald.

all i know is how to get the regis and latios or latias.

It tells you how to unlock the regis, regirock, registeel, and regiice.

In order to open the Regis caves in Pokemon Emerald you first have to go to route 134 and dive into the cave. When you are in there use dig. The first Regi cave is located in the desert.

Go to this website www.serebii.net and you'll get all the information you want daily updated on everything about Pokemon.

You can't get the Regi's in Pokemon Diamond And Pearl. You have to trade from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

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