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you can get it in pokemon platinum!

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most rock and figting but my hm slave is a shiny gyarados

Riley will be in front of Iron Island. Talk to him and he'll give you the hm strength and will go inside Iron Island trust me I have the game

you have to find the man that deletes any move

top of the tower by solaceon town

You first have to go to the iron islands. To get there, travel by boat from Canalave city and then talk to the guy at the top of the stairs, whose name is Riley. He'll give you HM Strength.

you get hm strength and hm defog after defeating two gym leader.Fantina(defog) Byron(strength).

go to the move deleter in Canalave city.

HM 4 Strength can be obtained from one of the houses in Nimbasa.

go to olivine..find a tavern near the pokemon center..a sailor will give you STRENGTH HM

flash isn't a HM it is a TM

To get HM strength you need to go to the lost tower in solaceon town and get to the top, when you get there, there will be 2 woman one of them has HM strength.

you have to get the hm strength

Teach the HM Strength to one of your Pokemon and use Strength on the boulders

get the HM strength, and teach it to a Pokemon

You get the hm strength and give it to one of your pokemon

You have to have the HM Strength, which you can obtain at Nimbasa City, near the Pokemon center in one of the buildings there will be a guy that will give you the HM Strength an he'll talk about where you can use Strength.

you get the hm strenghth when you give the warden the gold teeth found in the safari by were you get the hm surf

You have to use the HM Strength.

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