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Where do you get the the legendaries from on Pokemon sapphire?

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Rayquaza can be caught after you beat the Elite 4 in the Sky Pillar to the right of Pacifilog. Kyogre can be caught in the Cave Of Origin after you find the Underwater cave and get Archie to unleash Kyogre's rage. Return to Sootopolis and go past the shop to the cave. Wander till you find the cave where Kyogre waits. Groudon cannot be caught in Sapphire. It needs to be traded from Ruby or Emerald. All of these need to be brought down to about 1 hp then many utra balls later you'll have them.

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How do you get stop legendries on Pokemon Sapphire version?

You can't stop legendaries on Pokemon sapphire Why would you want to stop legendaries anyway?

What Pokemon can breed in Pokemon Sapphire?

All Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire can breed. Except for all legendaries.

What legendaries can you catch in Pokemon Sapphire?


How many legendaries are there in Pokemon Sapphire?


What are the legendaries you can get in Pokemon sapphire?

there are a few legendary Pokemon in sapphire; the Pokemon are Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latios, Regirock,Registeel, Regice, and Deoxys

What is the three legendaries on Pokemon Sapphire?

they are kyogre, reyquaza, and latias.

What is the legandary pokemon in sapphire?

There is many legendaries in sapphire but there is one legendary Pokemon what isn't in ruby and it is KYOGRE check out

What do you do after you beat the Pokemon league in sapphire version?

how go look for the legendaries!

What are all of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

Magikarp, Spinda and Zigzagoon are all powerful legendaries

What legendaries are in Pokemon Sapphire?

Kyogre, Latias, Rayquaza, Regirock, Regice and Registeel.

What legendaries do you get in Pokemon Sapphire?

Kyogre, latias, rayquaza, registeel, regice, regirock.

Can Raquaza and Registeel make an egg in pokemon sapphire?

No. Legendaries can't "make eggs".

What pokemon game is based in the Hoenn region?

Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald. The legendaries are groudon kyogre and rayquaza.

How do you get all of the legendaries in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can check Serebii's R/S/C/FR/LG/E Pokédex to find out how to obtain the legendaries in Pokémon Sapphire version.

Where to find rare PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon sapphire version'?

rare Pokemon in all Pokemon games are legendaries hahaha :D

What is the rareest Pokemon on Sapphire?

Not including the legendaries and special pokemon ( ones that you can only catch once ) feebas is the hardest and rarest pokemon to catch

Is there a cloning cheat in Pokemon ruby sapphire please do not answer unless you have done it i have a ds lite i cant get a ditto in Pokemon rubysapphire and for another legendaries cant breed?

There is no cloning cheat in ruby or sapphire.

How many Pokemon are in Sapphire?

I think 202 because after the legendaries there is Deoxys and Jirachi which are special event Pokemon that you can only get at real life things.

Where to get a legendary Pokemon?

Depending on what Pokemon version you have, there are many different Legendaries to find in each Pokemon game, with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby containing the most. You can go to the Serebii website to find out information about Legendaries in your Pokemon game and where to find them. Besides the story line, you can obtain Legendaries through GTS, Mystery Gift, or direct trade with a friend.

Do you think I should migrate my Sapphire Legendaries to Diamond Im just not sure working so hard to catch them in sapphire?

Yes you'll still have the same Pokemon

How do you bred Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Have a Ditto and breed with whatever Pokemon you please at the daycare. You can't breed Legendaries. If you don't have a ditto, search which compatible Pokemon is best to breed with the Pokemon you want.

Can you breed a latios in Pokemon Sapphire?

no, even with a latios, you cannot breed either one, because they are legendaries. sorry! TT-TT

What is the fastest way to catch legendaries on Pokemon Sapphire? pie 2.Watch tv 3.USE A POKEBALL

Legendries in Pokemon Sapphire?

The lengendaries are kyogre,groudon,latias,latios,regice,regirock,registeel, and rayquaza.The gameshark legendaries are jirachi and deoxys.

Where do you get timer balls in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can get timer balls at the rustburo pokemart. that's where my friend and i get ours. they are great for catching legendaries, but you will need a lot of them.