Where do you get useful keys on Free Realms?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Where do you get useful keys on Free Realms?
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Where can you get black gloves on Free Realms?

You can either buy them from a player, or get them from collecting all the useful keys, and opening the chest in Blackspore.

Where are all the keys in Free Realms?

If you want keys on free realms, then you have to look for Rare Robgoblin junk piles..GOOD LUCK!!! XD

How do you get green travler shorts on Free Realms?

you get them from keys so btw the keys are in sactary:)

Where can you get the key to open the chest to black spore in Free Realms?

You need to get all the useful keys, which will give you the Blackspore Key, which opens the chest :P

How do you trade keys in Free Realms?

Add them into the trade window.

What are the special keys in Free Realms?

there in robgoblin junk piles

How do you walk slow on Free Realms?

You have to hold shift and use your arrow keys at the same time to slow walk in Free Realms.

Free realms where to get snowhill chest keys?

rare robgoblin junk

How do you get adventurer gloves in Free Realms?

collect robgoblin junkpiles and get keys

What are the Free Realms special keys collection?

They are the items that help you open the treasure chests in free reams.

How many keys do we need to open a treasure box in free realms?

You need all the keys to that one collection. Some collections have 5 keys, or 8 keys.

How do you slow walk in Free Realms?

To slow walk in free realms hit the shift key and then use the arrow keys to move. But yu have to keep hold on the shift key.