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You should talk to your school counselor.

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How old do you have to be to get your work permit in Texas?


Do you need a work permit in Texas if you are 16?

No, a teenager does not need a work permit in the state of Texas at the age of 16. A teenager can work in fast food restaurants and grocery stores.

Where do you get a job work permit in Dallas Texas?

by going to your school office or the Texas work force number?

Can you go for road test in Texas with your NY learners permit?

No. Your NY learner's is not valid to upgrade to a Texas license. You would have to get a Texas learner's permit.

Does a 16 year old need a work permit in Texas?


Is a work permit needed for teens in Texas?

Nope. Texas is a free state in America so no one needs a work permit even if they are a teen. You could even become a cowboy.

Does a 15 year old need a work permit in Texas?

A 15 year old does not need a work permit in Texas. However, there are restrictions as to places that a 15 year old can work and restrictions as to the number of hours they are allowed to work.

Im 15 with a Texas work permit Where exactly are the places you can work at Looking for work in Houston area?

how did you get atexas work permit. i cant figure out how to obtain one.

Do 15 year olds need a work permit to work Dallas Texas?


Is it legal to own a pet raccoon in Texas?

I work legally with wildlife in Texas and raccoons are not allowed as pets unless the person has a special (and hard to get) permit. - Zoological Permit, Game farm permit, etc.

Where can i go to get a work permit?

Your school

How can you work in Iraq?

Just go there and ask for work permit

How does a teen get a work permit in Ohio?

one way you can get your work permit is go to your school office and ask them for one. then all you have to do is go to the doctor and get a physical.

Can you get a driving permit at 14 in Texas?

No, you must be 15-17 to get your permit in Texas.

How does a 15 year old get a work permit?

Go to a DMV like where you get your permit & license, they have them

Where can you get a work permit in Odessa Texas for a 15 yr old?

red loster or melrose .'

Where do you get a work permit in the summer?

Go to Service Canada in Manitoba and ask for a work permit. i working in cancda cnc operator

Where do you go to get a work permit?

If your in highschool you can get them in the offices, some police stations even have them. But if im wrong then you can go up to the place that you are applying for and they can tell you where to get a work permit.

Do you need a permit to own a gun in Texas?

No, you do not need a permit to own a gun in Texas.

Can you carry a concealed hand gun in Texas if you have a permit?

Yes, if you have a Texas concealed handgun carry permit, or a permit from any state with which Texas recognizes reciprocity, you can carry a concealed hangun in Texas.

What happends if a 17 year old drives in Texas with a permit?

If a 17 year old drives in Texas with a permit, the 17 year old will be driving in Texas with a permit.

Do you need a work permit to work in Australia?

Yes, to work in Australia you need to go to the DMV and get a Goat Permit so that the Livestock Australian Associate Departement is aware of your residence in their homeland. If this isn't helpful, go to your local farm and look at goats and get a Permit there.

The state that will accept Texas concealed hand gun permit?

Numerous states recognize the Texas permit.

How long do you have to have a drivers permit in texas if i are 16?

You will have to have the permit for up to 6 months in Texas before you can get a license.

How do you get a work permit if your homeschooling?

i think you can go to your town hall.

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