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You get the black Flute when you reach the smashed wall and Looker gives you it.

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?>>go to the spear pillar and play it in front of the steps to find arcesusNO, the AZURE flute is used to locate arcesus. the BLACK flute decreases the encounter rate for wild pokemon.

You get arceus by getting the black flute in Pokemon platinum or cheats for Pokemon dimond and pearl.Then go to Spear Pillar and you play the black flute.Then a stair will come and you go up and you will see arcues!

have the azure flute go to spear pillar and blow it

you need wifi or go to a Pokemon event

After u get the azure flute and go to the spear pillar

you need to go to a Nintendo event. Or use and action replay

when you have the azure flute you go to the spear pillar and youll find him there

You can use the Mystery Gift to the this flute and go to the Spear Pillar and play it in this square. Or you can trade Pokemon.

To get an Azute flute you have to have an action replay and go to to find the code for the cheat. You have to for to the Europe one though.

Did you go to Mt. Coronet and use the Black Flute?

if you have the azure flute but dont have him you could go to spear pillar and catch arceus

the green guy in the store hold l+r berfore you go in there

i dont remember the code but you can go to my website

You need the azure flute then go back where u fought either dialga or palkia

You have to get all of the plates and the sharps. Go to the place with the great Marsh. Go in the Pokemon center and give it to the Pokemon state. He is lieing to you you. POKEMON MASTER *INFINITY

Theres no code! You have to get the code for the azure flute then go to spear pillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After you leave your house take a left then go straight then you will meet Mr. cokcachoo then you'll have a task on your phone then delete the message before looking at it then you go to your p.c.? and you'll have black flute.

If you have 2 ds's all you have to do is put platinum in one and black in the other. Go to a pokemon centre. In platinum go up the escalator/stairs and go into the middle room. Same with the other then try and find a character from on in the room. Talk to that character and when is says something like 'What do you want to do?',press trade.

You need to get the azure flute (event) and go to spear pillar. steps will appear and take you to arceus

go threw the place and find him at the last part same with arceus but need arzura flute

Your question wasn't phrased very well.. but I'm guessing that you're asking: "can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon black" If so.... 1. After you clear black city (look on town map) 2. Go to the WEST of black city, and after you go up a stair case, there should be a building. Go into it 3. After you enter the building, the people there will walk you through the process.

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