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Go to the Guild Emblemer to make a cape. You can find one in most major cities. Anyone can design a cape, however only Guild Leaders can actually change the guild cape. One of the cities is in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.

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How do you make a guild on guild wars?

You make a guild by going to a guild abassador or something like that. You need 100 gold for a guild, but 2 platinum for the cape. The guy for the cape should be near the guild guy. A guildhall costs 16 platinum(plat) and everything inside the guildhall cost 50-100 plat. Inviting people costs 100 gold per person.

How do you make a demo account on guild wars?

u dont have to pay a monthly fee for guild wars

What are the names of the games that come with the Guild Wars Trilogy for PC?

Guild Wars Trilogy consists of the original Guild Wars,Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall.

How much does it cost to make a guild cape?

2 platinum

What is better World of Warcraft or guild wars?

Guild Wars

What class on guild wars does the most damage?

There is no class on guild wars that does the most damage. Guild wars is a very balanced game and therefore all classes should do about the same amount of damage. If not, players will report it and guild wars will eventually(about 2-4 months) fix it and make the game balanced again.

When was Guild Wars created?

Guild Wars was created in 2005-04.

Is there an online cape maker for guild wars?

No, Guild Wars capes are created in the game. Most of the self-proclaimed cape makers you might find online are downloads that often may contain viruses. If you'd like, you can view all of the possible shapes, details, emblems and borders at the Wiki link below.

How would guild wars relate to historical events?

The Guild Wars relate to invasions and wars amongst its people. There were three Guild Wars. Wayfarer's Reverie is a celebration celebrating the Guild Wars that occurs in August through September.

How do you recruit in guild wars?

To recruit, lets say your guild name is...Guild Default [GW]you would do this......[GW] Guild Hall|Cape|Friendly| <insert faction here>|<lux or kurz>|<if you have a vent>|<website>|<number of members>|Pm For Invite/Info

What was the first guild in guild wars?

The first guild in Guild Wars was named Zealots of Shiverpeak. Their guild tag was [ZoS]. They were founded in the year 2003, on the 10th of October during the game's alpha testing, and they remain the oldest guild in Guild Wars to this day.

How do you guilds work in guild wars?

well in guild wars you can join a guild or simpley make one (making a guild coast around 50k so i sugest joinging one. With guild wars if you join a guild then that guild is ure team and you have guild battles with other people. If you win your guild gets stronger. so your guild is like ure team. If you make a guild then post a question and i will help you make one! or you can joing my guild i will be one in 3 days! my user name is hunter kid rocks R/E lvl 20 OR add my main lvl 10 shing jea crew D/Mo ok hope i helped

When did Guild Wars Prophecies happen?

Guild Wars Prophecies happened in 2005.

When did Guild Wars Factions happen?

Guild Wars Factions happened in 2006.

When did Guild Wars Nightfall happen?

Guild Wars Nightfall happened in 2006.

In Guild Wars What is the total cost of a guild in guild wars Including all vendors prices for each?

Well, this really depends on how many people you want in your guild, whether or not you want a guild hall (which I assume you do), and if you want a cape or not. --A guild costs 100 gold --A cape costs 2 plat --Each person added (besides yourself) costs 100 gold --A guild hall costs 1 celestial sigil (which you can buy from the sigil trader on islands you visit before buying a guild hall for 12 plat) --Vendors vary in price. I would have to investigate further to find exact prices.

Is they going to be a Guild wars 3?

That has not been announced or decided because Guild Wars 2 isn't out yet and a whole new game takes a while to make

What is a fast way to make gold on guild wars?

still botting

What is guild wars?

Guild Wars is the best game ever! You don't have to pay a monthly fee which is cool. You install it into your computer and then it is run through internet. Guild Wars has the core/main edition plus Nightfall and Factions. Soon they are going to come out with a Guild Wars 2! If you type in Guild in your search bar you will go to the main website for guild wars!

Where is the guild registrar in guild wars?

he is in ascolon. he is in ascolon.

What is the history of guild wars?

the history of guild wars is: the meaning of life and history of sliced bread.

Your account got stolen in guild wars what should you do?

you should email guild wars support

When was Guild Wars Prophecies created?

Guild Wars Prophecies was created on 2005-04-28.

When was Guild Wars Factions created?

Guild Wars Factions was created on 2006-04-28.

When was Guild Wars Nightfall created?

Guild Wars Nightfall was created on 2006-10-27.