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In the US, the BATFE issues licenses for gun dealers.

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Q: Where do you obtain gun selling License?
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What is a gun selling license called?

Federal Firearms License.

Is it easier to obtain a gun license if you are in the armed forces.?


How old do you have to be to obtain a gun license?

You need to tell us more about the "gun license" and for what area. There are many different gun licenses.

What do you need to do in order to obtain a guns license?

It depends on several factors; Where you are located and exactly what you mean by "gun license." Do you mean a license to carry a gun? A license to purchase a gun? A license to build guns?

How do you obtain gun license?

Follow the procedures in your state's published firearms regulations.

How do you obtain a gun license in NSW Australia?

Contact your local police for current information.

Do you need a selling license to sell clothes in MN?

It depends on where you are selling the clothing as to whether or not you require a license. If you are selling at a simple yard sale, you do not require any special license or documentation. However if you are selling clothing at any type of vendor event or in an actual storefront setting you are required to obtain either a vendor license or an actual small business license including a federal tax id #.

Will a federal gun license allow you to carry a gun from state to state?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean a federal carry permit, in the U.S. there is no such thing. If you mean a FFL, that is a business license (basically) and has nothing to do with carrying a gun, only selling them.

How do you get your gun dealership?

In the US, to engage in the business of buying and selling guns, you need a license issued by the Federal BATFE.

Can a moose shoot a gun?

can a moose ask a question like that on wikianswers I think he has to obtain a hunting license first!

Can you obtain a license to hunt deer with a gun in the state of Georgia with a felony?

Depends on what you are going to use to hunt the deer with.

What is the difference between a gun permit and a gun license in tennessee?

Techinally, there is no such thing as a gun license in TN in regards to the average person buying or carrying a gun, however, sometimes a gun permit is colloquially called a gun license. Stricly speaking, a gun license is a Federal Firearms License, which is required to be a gun dealer.

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