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Where do you obtain the addresses to file a credit dispute?

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2006-12-15 12:48:26

Your question is unclear. If you have a dispute with a charge on

your statement (unrecognized or fraudulent charge), simply contact

your issuing bank and advise them via the toll-free number printed

on the back of the card. The charge will be put into a dispute file

and a temporary credit will be issued. All finance charges on that

particular charge are suspended until the dispute resolution

process has been completed. If you have a problem with how your

bank is treating you (not a merchant, but the bank) you should

contact their customer service number and attempt to resolve it

through them - you'll be surprised just what a bank will do these

days to preserve your business! If unsuccessful, you should contact

the Federal Trade Commission. Addresses are available at Finally, if your dispute is with an error on your

credit report, you must file a dispute with the issuing agency

(Experian, Equifax etc.) and they will take measures to clean up

your report! You get a complimentary look at your credit report

from all three agencies at Follow the

on-screen instructions if there is activiity on your report that is

incorrect. Hope this answers your question!

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