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Your question is unclear. If you have a dispute with a charge on your statement (unrecognized or fraudulent charge), simply contact your issuing bank and advise them via the toll-free number printed on the back of the card. The charge will be put into a dispute file and a temporary credit will be issued. All finance charges on that particular charge are suspended until the dispute resolution process has been completed. If you have a problem with how your bank is treating you (not a merchant, but the bank) you should contact their customer service number and attempt to resolve it through them - you'll be surprised just what a bank will do these days to preserve your business! If unsuccessful, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission. Addresses are available at Finally, if your dispute is with an error on your credit report, you must file a dispute with the issuing agency (Experian, Equifax etc.) and they will take measures to clean up your report! You get a complimentary look at your credit report from all three agencies at Follow the on-screen instructions if there is activiity on your report that is incorrect. Hope this answers your question!

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Q: Where do you obtain the addresses to file a credit dispute?
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How do you file a dispute on your credit report?

Just phone the credit card company and tell them what the problem is. They may be willing to fix it without requiring you to file a formal dispute. If they do have such a requirement, they will tell you what they require.

How do you remove a judgment from your credit?

Steps to Dispute • Get your credit report. • Review your credit report. • Decide which items you want to dispute. • Write letters. • Always hand write your letters in your own handwriting. • Keep copies of all correspondence. • Keep separate file copies on each credit bureau. • Follow up if needed. • Obtain results.

How long does a dispute take on a credit report?

Yes a dispute can take 30 days. When I had a dispute on my credit file I signed up to Credit Repair who helped me challenge the negative item I noticed on my file and raised a dispute with the creditor who were not able to verify why it was negative so they informed the creditor that since they were not able to verify it they are required by law to stop reporting them. They did offer me a free 10-minute credit analysis when we started. Hope this helps check it out: yazing .com/deals/creditrepair/Respot

How do you find out from a collection agency who sent you to them for collection when you never was notified that you were in collection you discovered it on your credit report?

File a dispute with the credit reporting agency.

How do you obtain business credit file credit score and stay away from personal credit?

You will have to file a corporation, or LLC. Apply for a credit card with that particular EIN, and go from there. This is generally different than your personal.

How do you get a wrong judgment removed from your credit report?

Get a copy of your credit report from all 3 credit bureaus and file a dispute with each. They have a form you can fill out. You can get free credit reports from

How do you remove bankruptcy on my file that i never filed?

If there is a bankruptcy filing showing on your credit report and you did not actual file, you should dispute that information with the three credit bureaus. They will then investigate and remove the information if it is inaccurate.

What can you do if someone obtained a credit card fraudulently with your name?

File a police report immediately for identity theft. Then call the credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian), dispute the account and have your credit flagged.

If you signed a blank credit card slip not knowing the amount you would be charged are you liable for what you feel is an exorbitantly high bill?

First, never sign without knowing. Now that you have, you may dispute it through your credit card company. I would suggest you contact the person who charged your credit card and work it out with them first. If they will not, then let them know you will be talking to your credit card company. Talk to a credit dispute representative and file a dispute.

What if a carlot doesn't report your payoff on a car how can you get that fixed?

File a dispute with the credit reporting agencies. The car lot will have to prove that you still owe money or the credit reporting agency will change it.

How do you remove a reposession from a credit report when the reposesion was the finance company's error?

File a consumer dispute with the credit reporting agency. You can do that online as each reporting agency has it's own website.

How do you clear credit through chexsystems?

It is your right to file a dispute with chexsystems. There is no guarantee for removal but the FCRA demands that all reports to be 100% accurate.

Where can one find more information on their credit bureau score?

You can find information about credit file's which holds the details of every credit agreement like credit cards, catalogue's, etc. you can obtain your credit file from places like equifax, experian, privacy guard and call credit, but they will make a small charge for there services.

What is Trans Union dispute address?

The address is: TransUnion Consumer Solutions P.O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19022-2000 For more information on how to dispute a credit file, its best to understanding the system. I like Phil Turner's book called "The Credit Bible-Everything You'll Ever Want To Know About Credit".

How can you dispute outdated collections on a credit report?

If you identify information in your credit file that is incomplete or inaacurate, and report it to the consumer reporting agency, the agency must investigate unless your dipute is frivolous. See for an explanation and procedures

Can credit card companies put a lien on a tax refund?

Yes, if they obtain a judgment and file for a garnishment of your state tax refund.

What file is used to translate host names to IP addresses?

Hosts file

How do you convert Outlook addresses to CSV file?

Data, export, file, csv

Can a hospital bill go onto your credit report?

Yes an unpaid hospital bill will show on your credit report, however, if you are disputing the bill you can write to the credit reporting agencies(all 3) and have the dispute added to your file. This way if anyone pulls your credit report this cannot be taken into acccount for future credit.

After the 30-day dispute period is over and the accounts were deleted from your credit file can the credit card company place the accounts back on your file?

Yes, if it's fetermined the accounts are yours. During the 30-day investigation period, the credit bureaus must stop reporting the account in question. If, after that period, the account is verified, they can again report it.

When you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and it is dismissed you decide not to go on with it will this show up on your credit report?

The filing of a Chapter 13 SHOULD show on your credit report. The dismissal MAY show. Without seeing all three of your credit bureau files, there is no way to know for certain. You should obtain copies of all three reports from Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Dispute the appearance of anything having to do with a bankruptcy if you did not "go through with it".

How do you correct errors in your credit report?

Even though credit reporting agencies work hard to keep your credit file up to date, it's still possible for errors to show up in your file. This includes incorrect, incomplete or outdated information. If you discover such errors in your credit report, you have the right - and responsibility - to correct them right away, since inaccuracies could hurt your score and could lower your chances of getting the loans and credit products you seek. If you find an error, or if you see evidence of fraud, you should file a credit file dispute: Contact the credit reporting agency that is reporting the item in question. You will need to tell them why you believe the information is incorrect and, if possible, supply any supporting documentation. The reporting agency will then investigate the disputed information. This includes notifying the creditor that supplied them with the disputed information that you believe the information to be incorrect. The creditor will then have the chance to review and investigate the information in question and report back to the credit reporting agency. When the investigation is complete, the credit reporting agency will notify you of the results and make any necessary changes to your credit file. You should then obtain a current copy of your credit report to verify that all the information is accurate. For more information on specific steps to take, visit: provided by Equifax.

Can judgments be disputed or is there a time limit?

There is no time limit regarding the dispute of information on your credit file. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides a time limit for disputing a collection account, with exceptions and limitations. You can dispute a judgment by the same means as any other item on your credit report. You should be aware that legal entries in the public record portion of your credit report have different methods of getting on your credit and different standards of verification.

Do you have to get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy?

You do not have to necessarily get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy.

If a civil court judgment for collection is on your credit report and you have written documentation that debt was dismissed does that mean that the item can be removed from your credit file?

Yes, you must send the judgment to all three credit reporting agencies, Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. You can get there addresses of line by searching "credit reporting agencies".