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On the bottom of the handle there is a screw, remove it and it will open the battery compartment.

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Q: Where do you put the batteries into the night finder EX-3?
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How do you turn on your beam on the Nerf night finder e-x3?

you gotta put batteries in then pull the trigger half way.

How do you turn on your beam on the nerf night finder e-x3 because i put the batteries and pull the trigger half way?

pull the trigger

Where do you put the batteries in on a Nerf gun night finder?

Inside the handle of the blaster there is a piece that you can take off. Inside, there is slots for 2 AA batteries. This is where you put them in to power the blaster. If you don't have 2 AA batteries, the laser sight feature will not work.

Why do smoke detectors beep at night?

You might need to put new batteries in

How do you turn on beam in night finder ex-3?

put in batterys and pull trigger half way

How do you put the batteries in a laser pointer?

how do you our in batteries on a laser pointer

How do you get the remote working?

take out the batteries, and role them against your hands and put them back in. or you can try refrigerating the batteries, or put in new batteries, or smack the remote.

How do you put the finder icon back into the dock after being deleted?

The Finder icon should reappear in the Dock after restarting the computer.

Why did my digital camera read batteries depleted after I put new ones in it?

The batteries you put in might have been defective.

Where do you put the batteries in your vetch 80-61100?

at the bottom of the computer there is a little cube then you put in two AA batteries in

How could 2 exactly the same Nerf night-Finder springs be put into one plunger rod?

if the plunger rod is very long it can have them both on behind one another

How long can energiser batteries last?

Depends on what you do. Like if you were to power night vision goggles, probably not that long depending on how much batteries you put in. But if you were to pop one into a GameBoy, you could probably make it last a week or so.

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