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On your tamagotchi log in screen, just press "B" and type in the logout code.


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You type it out like how you type out the special.

you exit everyplace and you should be at the overview of the town. Just click 'logout' and if your tama is a v4 or v4.5, it will give you a code to enter in your tama to return. :) You put the code in the tama by pressing a to change the letter/number, b to select the next part, and c to go back.

hi a tamagotchi code is for your tamagotchi u can decide to do the code at the shop using the buttons a b c and u can put a code at the code place .

hi you get it from here or go to the tama town and play any game that got a log out code put the log out code in Pc>log out password from ur tamagotchi and put the log out code ok hope this helps

You can get money on tamagotchi by playing games. Otherwise, if you have a computer and a tamagotchi version 4, 4.5, 5 or 6 you can go on TAMAGOTCHI TOWN on the Internet, put the password, play games and earn money and log off.

You have to go to the 5th icon in the upper part of your tamagotchi V5 and enter there. Then choose the category named SPECIAL and put your code there.

This is V4:On your tamagotchi go to the last graphic on the first row and go to PC then get online and go towww.tamatown.comand click on what version you have. when you hit PC on your tama, it brings up a code. put in the username you made when you created your tama, then the password is the code on the screen of the PC area.For more help I find this site good: www.tamatalk.comGo to the heart icon at the top, click on PC, then it will take you to a Login Password that you will have to enter into Tamagotchi Town. It will also require your tamagotchi username. ~by Titusaki~

It depends what sort of cheat it is. If it's for an item, you go to the communication icon (the heart in the top left-hand corner) and then go to "Special". Then put in the code. Or if it's one of the logout codes to give you money, you go to the same icon, and then "PC". ~Nykki

just put batterys in your tamagotchi and it will turn on by it self

Well, first you need a code. Then you go to the passwords icon and put in the code. Sorry, but I don't have any codes...

prees iteams on your password and to but clothoes here is thev code 38098 08449 I HOPE THIS HELPS

You can't turn a Tamagotchi off. You can put it on pause though.

You can take a tamagotchi password if you buy a ticket at the shop. If you are adult, you can use it to go to an another place by taking the code it gives you and put it at the PASSWORD shop. I recommend you to buy a ticket if you see it at shop!!!!! It is perfect!!!!

On your tamagotchi there should be a door button. Click on the door button and than click on the PC button. There will be a Log In password. Go to tamatown and log in with your account. Once you log in there will be a button underneath your tamagotchi (on the side) that says "log in". Click on it and type in the Log In password that your tamagotchi gave you. When you want to Log Out, go to the side, click log out, put that log out code into your tamagotchi and your good.

go to the shop and press the button on the left four times until he has a suprizsed face then put in the code

you need to type in a code and put the code where it tells you to like in town square you put a code there research it online have fun using your codes thx!!!!!: )

First of all, get a Music Star tamagotchi. Next, select the door symbol on your tamagotchi. Select PC. Go to then press login. Input the code from your tamagotchi onto your computer, put in the user name too. You should now be logged in.:) -PB

Hammurabi's greatest achievement was the Hammurabi's Code. The Hammurabi's Code provided laws about everyday life. It was the first laws to be put around a town. His laws were put around Babylon, the town which he ruled.

To get the Pen go to the shop then press A 3 times when the guy appears then he will put his hands up in the air then press BBCACCCA then you will have the code!

Put the code in. If you don't have the code you'll probably have to take a trip to the dealer.

you know you get that white thing beside it you have to put that back in then it will pause the sleeping v5 tamagotchi i have one !!!!!

you need to click the restart button on the back of your tamagotchi ( rubber button)

Go to "my account next to the "logout" sign and yay there it is!

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