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the same place that you check the level is the place to refill fluid (tranny) use a small funnel. you can get these funnels at the auto store! youll need one! only add small amounts at a time. and re check till full. "remember" check on level ground & with car running! it is also a good idea to put on the parking brake as well for safty.

AnswerDon't forget to have the car at operating temperature. Take it for a short drive first.
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Q: Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1988 Lincoln Mark 7?
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How do you drain the transmission fluid in a 1995 Lincoln mark VIII?

Drop the transmission oil pan

How do you Change transmission fluid in 1994 Lincoln mark 8?

Remove transmission oil pan if no drain plug

97 Lincoln mark viii transmission wont shift past 2nd gear any ideas?

The most common reason for a transmission not to shift properly is low transmission fluid. Make sure the transmission fluid is up to the full mark.

How much transmission fluid does a 1994 Lincoln mark viii take?

13 quarts that is including the torque converter

How do you add transmission fluid to Lincoln mark viii?

Use a funnel and on the passenger side in the back of the engine is a yellow dipstick that you will have to pull out and add transmission fluid through where you pulled the dipstick out.

What transmission fluid does a Lincoln mark 8 take?

Mercon V (5). Be sure to drain the torque convertor or have a fluid exchange performed to avoid leaving more old than new in the transmission when finished.

What type of transmission does a 93 Lincoln mark viii have?

They have the 4R70W transmission.

Where do you check transmission fluid levels on a 93 Lincoln mark 8?

Passenger side at the back of the engine, I think it's a yellow colored dipstick.

Why is your transmission light flashing but the fluid level is full On My Lincoln Mark 8?

Internal problem with the transmission. Take the car to a professional ASAP. Do not keep driving the car or you may do permanent damage.

What transmission is compatible with 93 Lincoln mark 8?


Where is the dipstick to check the transmission fluid in a 1990 Lincoln mark 7?

At the very back of the engine block by the firewall At the very back of the engine block by the firewall

How do you top up the Transmission Fluid on a 2000 Sienna?

Add fluid into the dipstick pipe. ed724 Use a long nose funnel that could plug into the dipstick pipe and then add transmission fluid small quantity at a time and check level. Repeat until the correct mark (there is cold transmission fluid mark and a hot fluid mark on the dipstick). Never overfill tranmission fluid!

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