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You have to use a special Flute to wake him up then you battle him to catch him

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Q: Where do you stand when you wake up the Snorlax?
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What does the yellow flute do Pokemon Red?

Stand infront of a Snorlax and play it, it will wake Snorlax up and you will battle him.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon flora sky?

In order to wake up the pokemon snorlax you will need to use your radio which will then trigger the snorlax to wake up and start an immediate battle in flora sky.

How do you wake up Snorlax soul silver?

You get the 2nd radio card and click on the top talk to Snorlax and he will wake up.

How do you wake up Snorlax on Pokemon soal silver?

you wake him up with the pokeflute

Where to find the pokeflute in Pokemon Crystal?

you cant get a pokeflute on crystal, you wake up snorlax by getting the radio station pokemusic i think that is what it is called, on your radio, put that on and stand next to snorlax and he will wake up and boom lvl 40 or 50 snorlax cant remember exactly. lol

What do you do to wake up the Snorlax in Pokemon soulsilver?

Go into your pokegear and find flute then snorlax will wake up and you have a chance to catch him or you just run away

How do you wake up Snorlax on Pokemon Silver?

The only way to wake up Snorlax on Pokemon Silver is by using the Poke Flute on kanto radio

How do you get Snorlax to wake up on leafgreen?

Poke Fluite

When does Snorlax wake up in Pokemon Ranger?

kick him.

How do you catch a snorlax in soul silver?

You'll need to wake up the Snorlax that will be blocking the way in Kanto. You'll need the Expansion Card and play the music required to wake up Snorlax.

How do you wake up snaolax in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to use the pokeflute on snorlax to wake it up.

How do you wake up Snorlax near diglett's cave?

You get the Radio upgrade in Lavender town first. After that, go to Snorlax. Open up your Pokegear and Go to the radio part. Tap on the pokeballs. One of them is the Pokeflute. After that, Talk to Snorlax if it doesn't wake up. It WILL now wake up. You are now battling Snorlax. You need to Catch, or Defeat Snorlax in the battle. Snorlax is now gone. You can proceed to the Diglett's Cave.

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