Dashboard Lights and Gauges

Where do you start looking for a short in the dash?


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2011-09-15 11:43:34
2011-09-15 11:43:34

Your first place to look is to make sure all you do not have any blown fuses. Other than that it would depend on the component that soes not function.

If all fuses are good, then concentrate on the wires that deal with your problem.. wiring schematics aren't freely available for some stupid reason.

but some are availbe free online it depends on your car .

Some Hayes manual and bookstores and librarys have books that address this area. And have schematics and how tos. When u know what to get to and where. then you can start with removing your dashboard.. Again Having a Hayes manual for your car would be a good start. But always look for more information .. it'll come in handy when something on the pages looks diffrent from whats on your car and why..


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you might have a short some where, you could start looking in the fuse panels. Also check the connection of the brake sensor, is the one that make the lights turn on.

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