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Q: Where do you stay here in Ilocano?
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Tranlation of come here in ilocano?

come here in ilocano (MAI-KAD-TOY) or (APAN-KAMAN-TOY)

How do you say stay true in ilocano?


How do you say do you speak Ilocano?

this is the ilocano of do you speak ilocano? MAKA-SA-O-KA-TI-ILOCANO? wen

What is I AM in ilocano?

I AM in ilocano is "siyak"

What is Sir in Ilocano?

the ilocano of sir is MANUNG

What is the ilocano of how are you?

how are you in ilocano is "kamusta kan?"

What is dog in Ilocano?

dog in Ilocano is "aso"

What is god bless you in ilocano?

God bless you in ilocano?

What is the ilocano of fly?

ilocano of fly is "langaw"

Why is the hummingbird got its hum in ilocano?

bird in ilocano

What is fire in ilocano dialect?

fire in ilocano is "apoy"

What is the plural form of Ilocano?

The plural form of Ilocano is Ilocanos.

What is your name in ilocano?

What is your name in ilocano is "anya nagan mo?"

Ilocano translation of SORRY?

Ilocano of excuse me

What are the traits of the Ilocano people?

They are characterized as being hardworking and frugal, and they engage primarily in farming and fishing. For more information you can go to Ilocano people on Wikipedia here's the link

What is subtrahend in ilocano?

Subtrahend means "number" (in English) The Ilocano are a people inhabiting NW Luzon in the Philippines and they speak Ilocano

How do you say i like you in ilocano?

i like you in ilocano is "ay-ayatin ka"

Ano sa ilocano ang pogi?

Filipino for "What is the Ilocano Word pogi?".

What is mabuhay in ilocano?

i have ?

Ilocano translation of what are you doing?

what are you doing in ilocano is "anya ar-aramidim?"

What is the translation of bra in ilocano language?

[object Object]

Ano sa salitang ilocano any malayo?

This is written in Spanish. In English this is Ilocano.

Ano sa ilocano ang salitang pogi?

Filipino for "What is the Ilocano Word pogi?".

What is 'Manang Biday' when translated from Ilocano to English?

"Older sister Biday" is an English equivalent of the Ilocano phrase Manang Biday. Ilocano is a language of the Ilocos Region on the Philippine island of Luzon. The pronunciation will be "ma-nang bee-deye" in Ilocano.

What is the translation of Magandang araw ILOCANO?