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People get physical energy from the food they consume.

People get emotional energy from those around them. That's what a wave is at a Baseball game.

People get creative energy from their surroundings and from the knowledge they attained through the educational process.

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Q: Where do you think humans get their energy?
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How do humans use energy from the sun?

The warmth i think

Where do you think we humans get energy?

Monsters, rock stars, 5 hour energy you know that type of things and from our food we eat after drinking these things^^^

How humans control thermal energy?

i am not sure bu ti think it might be the mind

Where do humans get energy from?

There are many sources that humans can get their energy from. Humans typically get their energy from different food sources.

Where do humans get there energy?

Humans use food for energy.

What is energy for humans?

thermal energy maybe?

What is the energy molecule for all living things?

Last I heard, the energy molecule for humans is ATP, adenosine triphosphate. I don't think that other living things such as plants have ATP. They do photosynthesis. But regarding humans, ATP is taught to be the energy molecule.

Humans get there energy from what kind of energy?

humans get there energy from minerals and carbohydrates . the stored energy is changed in muscular energy.

Does an animal need to produce any energy to help make something work?

Animals produce energy just the same as humans, they release energy to certain body parts and sexual organs sub-consciously. Humans have to release energy to make things work, except you do not think it.

What do humans do before using energy?

Humans can't live without energy - they have always used energy.

What type of energy do humans use?

Humans use muscular energy, sound energy and many other

Why are producers important on an energy pyramid?

All energy is derived from the sun. Sun gives plants energy to undergo photosynthesis so we get crops which we humans can consume and obtain energy from these crops such as corn. From the crops animals such as cattle can consume it and from this we get meat which humans can convert to energy to survive.