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Q: Where does AJP Taylor locate the blame for World War 1?
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What is AJP Motos's motto?

The motto of AJP Motos is 'Enduring Experience'.

When was AJP Motos created?

AJP Motos was created on 1987-08-17.

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What was the effect of artillery in world war 1?

The military effectiveness of artillery in World War I was mixed. The primary reasons were inaccuracy and the inability of Command during a battle to relay back to the artillery batteries when and where they needed covering fire the most.World War I was unprecedented in the numbers and size of artillery that the waring nations produced. But properly designed fortifications and bunkers could defy even the heaviest bombardments. For example, at the beginning of the battle of Verdun the Germans lobbed and incredible 2 million artillery shells within 48 hours over a six mile stretch of front. The "mix" included high explosive shells, blockbuster shells, shranel and poison gas. The terrible barrage was described as "ripping and tearing the ground like an earthquake". Yet at the end of this, there were still enough French troops that survived to beat off the first German assault. According to SLA Marshall, about 200 artillery rounds had to be fired to take out a single soldier at Verdun.The British bombardment that preceeded the Battle of the Somme in 1916 lasted a week. The gunfire was so intense that it was heard several hundred miles away in England. The British generals were certain the German lines had been destroyed. Yet when the British attacked they discovered that most of the Germans had survived to beat off the British. More than 60,000 Allied casualties (including 20,000 dead) were suffered on the first day of the assault. Furthermore according to AJP Taylor, such heavy bombardments pitted the ground so extensively that orderly advance of the attacking troops was impossible. And even when a German bunker happened to be destroyed, the pits and shell craters gave them fresh cover for their machine guns.

What is Hitlers skills?

Adolf Hitler's main skill was his oratory skill. He was a great public speaker and made the public know what he believed in and what he wanted to do with the country - once he became the Führer that is. According to AJP Taylor Hitler was more of an opportunist than a planner. An example of this is that he used the Wall Street Crash (Great Depression) in order to make his way up to the position of Chancellor in January 1933. As leader of the Nazi Party he was a big influence towards the German people who were suffering the most because the Wall Street Crash hit them the hardest. During the Crash Hitler made good use of his oratory skills and made a huge impact in Germany. The Nazi party received more votes once the Crash had pasted because the Nazi Party was based on Nationalism and it had a very direct motto of "the survival of the fittest" and this gave the people strength. With the Nazi getting stronger and stronger, the amount of seats in the Reichstag grew.The point being made is that Hitler used different methods which were all skills i.e his oratory skills (great inspiring speeches to the public), his intelligence (put Goebbels as his propaganda chief) and his ability to take advantage of opportunities presented to him (The Wall Street Crash)

Is faith mentioned in the Old Testament?

Answer:There are no verses that use the word 'faith' in the King James Version, Old Testament, according to the Bible Encyclopedia and Concordance, edited by JL Hurlbut and AJP McClure copyright 1944, by the John C Winston Co. There are 2 verses that use the word 'faith' in the New International Version, Old Testament, according to The Thompson Comprehensive Bible Helps, 2nd Ed, Copyright 1990, BB Kirkbride Bible Co, Inc. These are: II Chron 20:20 "...Have faith in the Lord your God..."Hab 2:4 "...but the righteous will live by his faith..."Another answer:Yes it is. The Old Testament (King James version) contains 58 references to faith in several variations: "faith" (twice; Deuteronomy 32:20 and Habakkuk 2:4), "faithful" (30 times), "faithfully" (8 times), and "faithfulness" (19 times). The idea of faith (or lack of it) is also represented any number of times by words such as "believe," "belief" and "trust."

Was AJP Taylor correct that Hitler did not plan for a large general war?

Hitler didn�t even expect a declaration of war from Britain and France, when he attacked Poland in �39. He expected the British to give up after the fall of France in �40. He expected to finish of the USSR in less than six months in �41 and even in 42 he believed the Russian could be beaten.Not before �43 he realized that he had to fight a total war, but than it was too late.AnswerIt all depends on the term 'general war'. 'Blitkreig' was the new warfare method adopted by the wermacht in the early years of ww2, so the definition of general warefare can be misleading. this point aside, Hitler was hoping to capitalise on his earlier non-combative successes in Austria and Czechoslovakia and was dismayed when his take over of Poland resulted in Britain and France declaring war on Germany. he did not think that b+f would honour the mutual assistance agreement given to Poland by the respective countries, for neither country came to the aid of Czechoslovakia during germanys take over of that country when both countrys had formally guaranteed czechoslovakias borders. AnswerHitler didnt want to wait until 1945 to go to war as his general staff wanted to. I believe he wanted to live to see his 1,000 year Reich. Hitlers staff understood that they didnt have the logistics in place to fight a large war. Most of their Artillary and Supplies were still horse drawn as in WW1. Also they understood that the few armoured units they had were underarmoured, out gunned, and lacked modern communications equipment (except hand flags). Also most panzer grenadiers rode in trucks, instead of half tracks as intended. Next Hitler let Goring lose on the Luftwaffe and he attacked England with no plan, except "Charge". As a result he lost the Airpower initiative and never regained it. Imagine those squandered resources on the Eastern Front. Hitler made the classic mistake of studying tactics, when he should have learned logistics. _____A.J.P. Taylor's view that Hitler did not particularly want to go to war against Britain is widely shared by historians. In fact, he hoped to gain Britain as an ally.

After installing the collabnet subversion server and tortoise svn in xampp server apache is not running why?

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What is AdsTamilCom?

AdsTamil.Com is the leading Tamil Online Business Directory in Canada. They got quite a lot of businesses. On their website, you can find a quite a few interesting resources, such as the nearest business of the type you're looking for, service hours, get directions and much more to name a few. You can also check the Tamil theater showtimes updated daily only at their site. Also, you can also check the upcoming Tamil events and get directions to the locations as well. Also, AdsTamil offers a subdomain web address to their clients as well, and only they charge $100/yr in order to have every Tamil business men on their site. You can get the Showtimes of Tamil movies daily at and the Upcoming events at To name a few of their clients, the following list contains their web address as well.. 6 Kumars Silk House A&S Graphics Inc A+ Driving School A. Ariaran, CGA A1 Ink Rainbow A1 New Quality Florist A1 Top Quality Florist Aarathie Super Center Abina's Textiles Able Legal Services Inc. Accident Benefits Specialist Acttive Wood Working Inc Agincourt Party Rentals AGR Financial Service & Money Transfer Air Link Travel Ltd AirTel Mobile Ajantha Transport Inc AJP Doors & Window Inc Aksya's Fashion All Seasons Party Rentals Alphonsus & Associates AN Auto Care Angel Banquet Services Anton Jeeva Apex Advanced Action Ltd. Apex Creations Aum Divine Home Banu Jewellery Inc Best Way Blinds & Shutters Bollywood DVD Center Brightsun Cash Point CeeMaty Silk Cell Tel Mobility Century Style Kitchen Cabinets Ceylingo Financial Group Community Financial Service Group Inc. Computek College CR Canada Credit Recovery Point Crystal Lotus Party Hall Datta Video Productions Dena Jewellery & Perfect Pix Studios DJ Raj Double Direct Courier Ltd Eastown Banquet Halls EJ Auto Tinting Elanthulir Video Inc Elephant Pass Elina Rehab Center Ltd Enish Auto Ltd Eraa Cd Everest Banquet Hall Famous Party Supplies Fireman Wolfe LLP Formula Honda ( Shan ) Fortune Computers Fortune Computers Friendly Truck Driving School Gasa Restaurant Gautham Photo Gift Tel Online GMS Auto Services Ltd Gnanendran Narasingham & Judy Gnanendran GNS Party Rentals Gogulam Golden Stone Inc Golumbia Video GP Building Maintenance Graphic Land Great Packaging Inc Guna Selliah GV Media House of Fashion & SMS Happy Auto Hara Traders Hemaraj Thurairaja Highpoint Laser Ideal Auto Tech Ideal Tile & Carpet Image Colony Imma Trading Company Inc Jay Nadarajah Jayanthi S Sritharan Jays Bus Tours Jays Professional Truck Training Center www.jaystruck.adstamil.

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-1d 12 18 3q,3g a9 24 ab,2l ab 1k 8u,8b n8 87 nv 80 OJ 7o p5,7u 139 78 13q 6f 147 5l 14j 4u 151 45 15e 3b 15o 2f 160 1k 16b r 16p 2 17b -v 184,-38 1aq -3i 1bm -3p 1cl -43 1di -4h 1eg -58 1fc -6b 1g6 -7p 1h1 -94 1hm -ah 1i7 -c2 1ik -dk 1iu -f9 1j4 -gu 1j7 -ik 1j7 -kb 1j4 -m4 1it,-ro 1l8 -re 1lv -qv 1ld,-11a 1r0 -10q 1rp -106 1si -vf 1tf -un 1u9 -tj 1v2 -sh 1vg -rd 1vn -q7 1vn -p7 1vg -ob 1v4 -nk 1uk,-kl 227 -k8 22o -ja 23a,-k9 22o -jn 22g,-on 34t -oa 35d -NT 35s -nf 35e,-mr 394 -m1 39j -l5 3a6 -k8 3av -jc 3bu,-f9 3ir -f1 3jd -ec 3jf,-8s 3pn -9e 3q3,-t4 4v7 -s7 50j -r6 523 -q3 53m -p1 557 -o0 56s -n3 58j,-cf 50u -dh 51k -ej 52k -fe 53j -g8 54h -h9 55k -i7 56p -j1 57q -js 58s -kh 5a0 -l0 5bf -l9 5d8 -la 5fd -l1 5h5 -km 5j0,-n5 58i -ms 59f -mo 5ae -mr 5bg -n7 5cp -nk 5du -o0 5f6 -o7 5ge -o6 5hk -od 5it -p7 5kc -qa 5ll -rh 5ms -sr 5nr -u5 5ok,-kq 5iq -km 5k3 -kl 5l9 -kn 5mm -l0 5oc -lh 5pp -m4 5r1 -mt 5s3 -nr 5t2 -ov 5tt -qa 5uo -s0 5vn -tg 60k -v1 61l -10h 62q -120 643 -139 65j -14d 677 -159 68u -15t 6am -16c 6cg -16k 6ea -16n 6g5 -16q 6i1 -171 6jv -17f 6lt -188 6nq -193 6pk -1a0 6ra -1b2 6ss -1c9 6u7 -1dn 6vd -1f8 70c -1gu 714 -1il 71j -1kc 71t -1m3 726 -1o0 72o -1q0 73l -1s0 74r -1tu 767 -1vm 77p -217 79h -22f 7bg -23h 7df -24d 7fe -256 7he -262 7jd -276 7ld -28e 7nb -29r 7p7,-29r 7p7 -2b9 7qv -2cp 7sh -2eb 7tt -2fu 7uu -2hm 7vd -2jg 7vn -2lb 80d -2n6 81j -2oq 836 -2q9 84u -2ro 86o -2t7 88h -2ul 8ab -304 8c5,-37f 8pa -36s 8qc -360 8ri -350 8sp -342 8tr,-2tu 8p5 -2ug 8q1 -2vc 8qo -306 8rf -312 8s9 -31q 8t1 -32g 8u1 -32r 8v5 -32u 90h -332 924,-330 91v -330 92u -330 93v -337 956 -33l 96f -343 97p -34l 994 -35b 9al -368 9c9 -37c 9dt -38j 9fg -39t 9h3 -3ba 9ir -3cb 9kb -3d6 9lv -3dp 9nl -3e3 9pc -3e7 9r3 -3e2 9ss -3ds 9ul -3do a0f -3dp a29 -3e0 a43 -3ej a5p -3fj a79 -3gp a8h -3i2 a9l -3jc aan -3km abt -3m1 ad8 -3n8 aem -3o4 aga -3om ai1 -3p2 ajp -3pa ali -3po an9 -3qi aou -3rn aqh -3so as7 -3t3 au5 -3t9 b04 -3u8 b1u -3v8 b3q -3v4 b5v -402 b83 -41c ba8 -41j bcg -42a beo -41q bh1 -42o bj4 -43j bl4,-43j bl4 -44a bn3 -460 bp0 -45i br1 -46c bsu,-46c bsu -472 bur -47k c0o,-4b3 cvb -4b1 d08 -4b6 d17 -4ba d2i -4be d43 -4bi d5l -4bm d7b -4bp d96 -4br db4 -4cd dd4 -4d4 df5 -4da dgq -4dc dif -4di dk8 -4e0 dm2 -4eb dnu -4e8 dps -4e8 drt -4em du0 -4ep e04 -4et e29 -4f1 e4j -4ep e6t -4ei e97,-4dg fco -4di fdo -4dj fet -4dp fg5 -4e8 fhh -4f0 fiv -4fr fk5 -4h0 fl0 -4ia flc -4jq fld -4lb fl5 -4mr Fla -4o6 fm9 -4p9 fnp -4pp fpj -4q4 frj -4qf ftk -4qr fvm -4r9 g1p -4rj g3c -4rv g4v -4sd g6h -4t6 g8c -4u9 g98 -4ve g9o -50m gat -51l gcg -52i ge9 -53f gg5 -548 gi2,-55b gmd -55l gn8 -55v go8 -56c gp8 -56u gq1 -57p gq8 -58t gql -59r gri -5af gst -5b4 guf -5c3 gvp -5dj h15 -5f3 h2l -5g0 h4i -5gr h6i -5hl h80 -5il h9d -5jn hat -5kg hci -5li he7 -5n3 hfr -5oa hhh -5pk hj1 -5r3 hkb -5sk hlf -5u7 hmf -5vs hnc -61j ho8 -63d hpc -656 hqm -66n hsd -680 hu9,-680 hu9 -693 i09 -69v i2b -6ar i4c##B -2ad 7pk 73,B -2a0 7ot 6v,B -29h 7nd 6n

What is a good name for a parakeet?

i have a yellow budgie and i named her honey. Some other good names areAkiraCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleSame thing here - we named our other duck, who we initially thought was a girl, 'Kira' (Deep Space 9) - he then turned out to be a honking boy, so we now called him Akira - he is a lavender Indian runner duckSubmitted by: Gilbo at 29.11.2008AngelCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleFor a bird who is lovely and quietSubmitted by: Madi at 02.07.2008AvonCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleWe named two geese we bought as guard geese Avon and Vila (Blake's 7) we had to get rid of the male, Vila as he was too aggressive. The female, Avon, lets you hold her like a baby - the name really suits herSubmitted by: Gilbo at 29.11.2008BabliCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI thought of it when I got a bird. My babli is very white and bubbly.Submitted by: soni at 25.07.2008BluebellCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleI named my budgie Bluebell because he is blue and he has a toy bell.Submitted by: demifan10 at 15.07.2009Boris PeckerCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleJust a fun name.Submitted by: Anonymous at 21.02.2010BossyCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexPerfect for a vocal birdSubmitted by: budgielover at 16.06.2008BubbuCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexFor a bird that is so cute and never seems to loose its cutenessSubmitted by: Madi at 02.07.2008BuddyCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleI think buddy would be a good name for a bird who like to be petted and is very sweet. Also because buddy represents friendship.Submitted by: Madi at 26.06.2008BudgieCategory: Dog - Gender: UnisexEasy as pie.Submitted by: Dog-lover at 09.06.2007Budgie Ga GaCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleIt's funny.Submitted by: Sara82y at 06.01.2010Budgie MaloneCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleFun.Submitted by: Sara82y at 06.01.2010BusterCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexBuster is a cheerful name i hope you enjoy this name :)Submitted by: :) at 15.05.2010ButterCategory: Pet - Gender: Maleit is a funky name for an all yellow bird.Submitted by: 0010110 at 29.01.2010CharlieCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexIdeal for female or male birds (Short for charlotte or Charles) Better name for green, bright coloured birds that blue colours.Submitted by: ELLI x0' at 03.06.2008CheeckoCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleOr Chiko, this name is really cute for any bird.Submitted by: budgielovers123 at 29.03.2010CheekieCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI recommend this name to a bird that is always chirping.Submitted by: miki at 13.08.2007CheerioCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexOur bright and funny male cockatiel seemed to be whistling "cheerio" when we got him , as if he was telling us that was his name, and it stuck.Submitted by: ogopogo at 31.01.2009CinimonCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI would recommend this name because it is very preatty name and my friend suggested it.Submitted by: nidi at 13.12.2007CottonCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleThis is a cute rare name that you'll just love calling your pet budgie. I recommend this name for a good,nice,responsible bird! But of course if you choose this name for you bird make sure hes white just like cotton.:]Submitted by: cmc at 17.05.2009CricketCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleThis name would be perfect for a budgie/Bird that is green and chirps... Im talking about the ANIMAL cricket not CRICKET the sport!Submitted by: cheeseball gurl at 06.03.2010David PeckhamCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleJust a fun name for any male birdSubmitted by: Anonymous at 21.02.2010DiabloCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleBecause its very french and spanishy and really good x.Submitted by: 103 at 25.10.2007ElvisCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleIt is a funky nameSubmitted by: pae at 28.03.2009FalconCategory: Cat - Gender: MaleA falcon is a bird. The word comes from their Latin name falco.Submitted by: Shaun at 25.03.2010FoxCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexPerfect if you have a sly sneaky birdie like my girl :PSubmitted by: whatt1989 at 13.12.2009Frank and BeansCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexMy 2 Peachface Lovebirds are named this. Just thought it was cute and different.Submitted by: Joan at 16.05.2010FrilakamichankaCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI named my spanglish parakeet this because, i really enjoy frilanking, and michanking. I LOVE SPANGLISH PARAKEETS!Submitted by: Mark Amblay at 17.07.2008GandolfCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleI name my African Grey Gandolf after The Wizard Gandolf the Grey.Submitted by: NBC at 29.10.2007GeorgieCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleBecause it suits most birds.Submitted by: coolkat at 06.02.2010GizmoCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleIts a good name if your bird is kind of cheeky... but cute at the same time.Submitted by: bUdGiE at 27.10.2009HollyCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleBecause I like Christmas and because I think it's a good name for a bird!Submitted by: Holly poo at 10.08.2009HoneyCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleA cute name for a female yellow birdSubmitted by: say9 at 05.01.2010JacobCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleI called my pretty little bird because I am obssesed with twilight!Submitted by: twilight lover at 10.15.2010JellybeanCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI named our Amazon Jellybean because he's brightly colored like a jellybean. He only goes by Jellybean at the vet though, at home he goes by Bird. Lol!Submitted by: PaintHorses N Pitbulls at 14.07.2009JewelzCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI LOVE my bird jewelz she is amazing and gorgeous and a cockatiel. She loves her name tooSubmitted by: Nikki at 11.10.2007JoejoeCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleThis is my bird's name and he loves it when I call out his name.Submitted by: Qinga at 07.01.2010JoeyCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleIt sounds cute.Submitted by: Ajp at 19.09.2007John/ YokoCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleI have a pair of gloster type canaries a male nameed john after Lennon due to his beatles haircut and i chose to name my female yoko for 2 reasons 1. The obvious one 2. My canary yoko is extremely vocal and unfortunately tuneless like ms.Ono.Submitted by: boohyah at 25.10.2007KiwiCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI would recommend this for a green bird like the kiwi fruit. And she is very calm and gentle.Submitted by: novia at 17.10.2009LeeCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI named my budgie Lee :PSubmitted by: Katie at 20.06.2008LemonyCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexIf your bird has yellow or is bright in personality, then this is the name that suites.Submitted by: Stephie at 04.10.2008LilaviCategory: Dog - Gender: FemalePronounced lil uh vee. I think its a good bird name because the if the bird is small...lil....and avi as in aviator. Little aviator.Submitted by: aaa at 13.04.2009LuckyCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleThis name is put because your bird might be the luckiest birds to have you as a friend.Submitted by: cattydogy at 12.04.2010LunaCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleThe name of my grandma's freaky bird...Luna means moon goddessSubmitted by: misirie at 04.12.2009MangoCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexA very cute name! Suits Melon, too.Submitted by: mariah at 14.04.2009MannyCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI have this white bird named Manny and I think that's a beautiful nameSubmitted by: B at 29.09.2007MarrellaCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI think it is a pretty name for a birdSubmitted by: Jill at 22.09.2007MeekoCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexMy cockatiel responds really well to his name!!Submitted by: Anonymous at 12.09.2009MiaCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleBecause Mia is a very Sweet name and alot of peoples birds name is MiaSubmitted by: Anonymous at 18.04.2008MissieCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleBecause she is always getting into mischiefSubmitted by: budgiemom at 19.03.2008Myfannu (pronounced mivanwee)Category: Dog - Gender: FemaleIt means 'my darling' in Welsh. A couple we know from Wales, suggested that name to us when we were trying to find a name for our cute female Beagle. It suited her perfectly, and it might suit your own dog as well!Submitted by: Suggestionisall at 29.09.2007NuggetCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleI thought this was a cool name since I am always telling my bird I am going to turn him into a Nugget :)Submitted by: Anonymous at 08.11.2007OceanCategory: Pet - Gender: Female4 all blue birdsSubmitted by: 0010110 at 29.01.2010OnanaCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleBecause my bird Nana is say Oh Nana and so i changed her name to onanaSubmitted by: BonE\'sSun at 23.09.2007OscarCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleJust like that name!Submitted by: QT at 13.03.2010PeckCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI think that this is a good name for birds that peck around in there cage almost all daySubmitted by: bird lover at 06.10.2009Pepi or CheerieoCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexBecause pepi is a Bright an sunshine pepi come here pepi don't go over there and cheerieo i think im gonna name mine cheerieo i just love itSubmitted by: Baby at 15.05.2010PeteyCategory: Pet - Gender: MalePetey is the cuties name for a bird it is very sweet and you will love this name!Submitted by: Maddie at 05.09.2007PheonixCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexMost of my animal names fit with a fantasy type theme. Pheonix was perfect for my Jenday conure because his chest is fiery orange.Submitted by: Ladysadi at 22.05.2008PiccachuCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexGood name for a yellow bird.Submitted by: ogopogo at 31.01.2009PitaCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI have an Amazon parrot that can be a real pain, so P.I.T.A = Pain in tha AssSubmitted by: Anonymous at 27.11.2009PollyCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI don't know, just cute.Submitted by: Nikko at 13.07.2008PollyCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleI think this could be a girl or boy name but, I think it's mostly a girl name. It would be good for a bird that likes to chatter alot and sit on your hand.Submitted by: namesuggester at 06.10.2009PoulieCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI love this name for a bird because I love the movie Poulie. It is very cute. I think it is a good name for girl and boy ...Submitted by: .......... at 06.02.2010PrincessCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleThis name is for white birds and this name is most popular to most white female birds, Princess is a kind, loving, cheerful name.Submitted by: Raydi at 19.03.2009PuffCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleThe Bird Puffs up Alot.Submitted by: kitty at 14.02.2010ScrabbleCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleMy budgie is called Scrabble ... If you had two budgies you could name the other one another boardgame. This name is so cute.Submitted by: Cheeseball gurl at 06.03.2010ShigiCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexBecause its not a name commonly used, and my birdie makes a shigi,like,sound sumtimes.Submitted by: BirdMaster at 20.09.2007Sir Lewis The Tank for shortCategory: Dog - Gender: MaleIf I could have a dog, that's what i would name him. But i can't have one because i wouldn't have time to play with him and i would always wish that he could have a better life with a family who wants a pet and can show him some special attention. The name to me means, protecter, winner, fun and loveable as well.Submitted by: Louie at 07.04.2010SkyCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleBecause my budgie had a sky blue chest with clouds.Submitted by: Aingeal at 10.08.2009SpiraCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleWe hatched a runner duckling - although I jumped the gun and decided she was aboy, so names her Spiro, as in the computer game Spiro The Dragon. She then turned out to be a girl, so we renamed her Spira - she is a brown trout female runner with a distinct personality and I swear she reacts to her name!Submitted by: Gilbo at 29.11.2008SpiroCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexSpiro just sounds like a cool name and it would be a good name for adventures name for a budgie.Submitted by: ashy at 26.03.2010Taco and BelleCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI have 2 Lovebirds, one male, one female. Just thought the names were cute.Submitted by: joan at 16.05.2010TonyCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI have a White faced pied cockatiel I got from the breeder when he was just hatched! After he was able to sit up on his own we got to take him home and hand feed him! I chose the name Tony because of the breeder, it's a unisex name and easy for him to learn to say once he started "talking"! He can say his name Tony! Hi! Pretty Bird! Good Morning! and I Love You! Some other easy bird names that I've had in the past for birds to say are Charlie and Tommy and Polly.Submitted by: Karenality at 28.07.2008TouchyCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI think its a nice and unique name for a bird or any other pet.Submitted by: junior at 01.04.2008TropicalCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleBecouse my bird is called tropical and we are BFF'sSubmitted by: budgiebecky10 at 01.07.2010Tweetie-PieCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexBecause my bird is NoisySubmitted by: Dylan at 30.03.2010TweetyCategory: Pet - Gender: UnisexI would recommend this for a male bird that is yellow And really Cheepful :)Submitted by: Nat at 22.03.2009TwinkleCategory: Dog - Gender: FemaleI would recommend this for a crazy bird that loves to socialize with other birds.Submitted by: novia at 17.10.2009Uncle FungusCategory: Pet - Gender: MaleWe got the name off the movie Ice Age but I don't understand why I chose it?Submitted by: Raydi at 15.11.2008VinnyCategory: Pet - Gender: FemaleMy cockatiel is called vinny and it just suits him.Submitted by: loubilou at 01.08.2008ZaraCategory: Cat - Gender: FemaleThis Name Just Reminds Me Of beauy itself plus my darlig tabbys name!!!Submitted by: KITTYKATLOVER at 16.09

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