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Q: Where does Kate Gosselin get the t shirt she wore with the peace sign and wings?
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Where did Kate Gosselin get her mom8 shirt?

There is no information on where Kate Gosselin got her mom8 tshirt, but you can find mom-to-the-degree shirts on the Couture Moms website. See related links for a link to that site.

Who married Kate gosselin?

Jon Gosselin married Kate Gosselin.

Where did kate gosselin buy the tshirt with the strawberries on it seen in the 'Kate Plus 8 episode 'Home Roost'?

The t-shirt is made by a company called Primp. That particular shirt may be discontinued but there are plenty of cute prints to choose from. There is no information on exactly where Kate Gosselin bought her Primp tshirt with the strawberry print.

Does Kate Gosselin have diabetes?

No. Kate Gosselin does not have diabetes.

How can a family be on 'Twist of Kate' with Kate Gosselin?

'Twist of Kate" is not in production, so there is no way to be on the show with Kate Gosselin.

What is the birth name of Kate Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin's birth name is Kate Irene Kreider.

Does Kate Gosselin have a public Facebook page?

There are several Facebook pages that claim to be Kate Gosselin, but none have been validated. It is unlikely they are Kate Gosselin.

How old were the Gosselin sextuplets when Kate Gosselin had her tummy tuck?

The Gosselin sextuplets were 2 years old when Kate Gosselin had her tummy tuck.

Where does Kate Gosselin live from 'Kate Plus 8'?

Kate Gosselin continues to live in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Where did Kate Gosselin get her green dress?

It is not known where Kate Gosselin got her green dress. Kate Gosselin and her kids recently appeared in an update show on TLC.

When was Kate Gosselin born?

Kate Gosselin was born on March 28, 1975.

What is Kate Gosselin's birthday?

Kate Gosselin was born on March 28, 1975.

What case does kate gosselin have for her iPhone?

Kate Gosselin Has a pink case on her iphone

Who is kate gosselin mother?

Kate Gosselin's mother's name is Charlene Kreider.

How long was Kate Gosselin a nurse?

Kate Gosselin was a nurse until she had the sextuplets.

What is Kate Gosselin's middle initial?

Kate Gosselin's middle initial is "I" for Irene.

Is Kate Gosselin's dad a minister?

Yes. Kate Gosselin's father is a minister.

Who is gosselin's mother?

Kate Gosselin is Alexis Gosselin's mother.

Who is Kate Gosselin on stardoll?

There is no information on who is using any account using the name "Kate Gosselin" on Stardoll. One thing for sure, it is not Kate Gosselin.

What are Jon and Kate Gosselin's kids' middle names?

Madelyn Kate Gosselin Cara Nicole Gosselin Joel Kevin Gosselin Aaden Jonathan Gosselin Collin Thomas Gosselin Leah Hope Gosselin Alexis Faith Gosselin Hannah Joy Gosselin

Is Kate Gosselin the oldest child?

Kate Gosselin is the second oldest child in her family.

How did Jon and Kate Gosselin meet?

Jon and Kate Gosselin met at a company picnic.

How old was Jon Gosselin when he married Kate?

Jon Gosselin was 22 when he married Kate.

Where does Kate gosselin and the kids live?

Kate Gosselin and her children live in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

What are Jon and Kate Gosselin's full names?

Jonathan Keith Gosselin and Katie Irene Gosselin, Kate's birth name is Kreider