Where does McCain stand on the issue of open borders?

In 2006 Senator McCain voted in favor of S. 2611, legislation that would reward between 10 and 11 million people that broke American law and entered America illegally with amnesty for their crime. Senator McCain was a cosponsor of S. 774, the Dream Act, providing in-state tuition for illegal aliens. In 2006, Senator McCain voted for an amendment to S. 2611, which would have effectively guaranteed that the border fence to prevent illegal aliens from entering America was never built. Senator McCain voted against Senate Amendment 1184 that would have permanently barred gang members, terrorists, sex offenders, alien absconders, aliens convicted of domestic violence and aliens convicted of at least three DUIs from the United States. In 2006 Senator McCain worked to defeat an amendment by Sen. John Ensign, a Nevada Republican, that would have barred Social Security credits for work being done prior to their receiving amnesty - in other words, while using identity theft and working under a false Social Security numbers. This year, while campaigning to be America's President, Senator McCain was asked by a voter about his voting record regarding illegal aliens. Senator McCain replied: "I do not support, nor would I ever support, any services provided to someone who came to this country illegally, nor would I ever and [I] never have supported Social Security benefits for people who are in this country illegally." His voting record in the US Senate says otherwise.