Paul Langan

Where does Paul Langan live now?

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Where do paul langan live now?

222 harison st california

Where does Paul Langan live?

He lives somewhere where no one can go

Does Paul Langan have any kids?

does Paul Langan have kids

When did Paul Langan die?

Paul Langan is still alive.

When did Paul Langan died?

paul langan is not dead yet

Conflict of the gun by Paul Langan?

paul langan knows

What is the tone of the narrator in the gun by Paul Langan?

Paul Langan..

Who was Paul Langan?

Paul Paul Paul Langan is a great author...... He writes good books.

What is the race or Paul Langan?

The race of Paul Langan is the race for a cure

What are some quotes from the book the bully by Paul Langan?

What are some quotes from the book the bully by Paul Langan?

Is Paul Langan dead?


Book report on the fallen by Paul Langan?

i would like to have a full book report on the fallen by paul langan.....

Where can you find pictures of Paul Langan?

you can find a picture when you go to google and just look up the name Paul Langan

What Is The Order Of The Bluford High Series?

1. Lost And Found [ Anne Schraff ] 2. A Matter of Trust [ Anne Schraff ] 3. Secrets In The Shadows [ Anne Schraff ] 4. Someone To Love Me [ Anne Schraff ] 5. Bully [ Anne Schraff & Paul Langan ] 6. Payback [ Paul Langan ] 7. Until We Meet Again [ Anne Schraff ] 8. Blood Is Thicker [ Paul Langan & D.M. Blackwell ] 9. Brothers In Arms [ Paul Langan ] 10. Summer Of Secrets [ Paul Langan ] 11. The Fallen [ Paul Langan ] 12. Shattered [ Paul Langan ] 13. Search For Safety [ John Langan ] 14. No Way Out [ Peggy Kern & Paul Langan ] 15. Schooled [ Paul Langan ] 16. The Test [Paul Langan] 17. Pretty Ugly [Karyn Langhorne Folan] 18. Breaking Point [Paul langan] I Am 13 And I Read All Of These Books Within A Month .... I Spent 5 - 10 Minutes Doing This So I Hope This Is Useful To You And Others .... Thankyou !! <3 <3 <3 <3 < Actually, #6 is called The Gun by Paul langan. Plus, they just made 3 more. Shown up there.

Symbols from the bully Paul Langan?


Did Paul Langan have any kids?


Is Paul langan white?


What is the life of Paul Langan?

Paul Langan was born and raised in Philadelphis in 1972 He spent most of his time on the playground. ! By Amber : Tiny-

Who is amberlynn in the book the Bully by Paul Langan?

Paul Hogan

What is the conflict in the gun by Paul Langan?


What is the climax on The Bully by Paul Langan?


Do Paul Langan have a pen name?

No he dosen't .

What was Paul Langan first book?

'The Bully'.

Conflicts in The Bully by Paul Langan?

what is the conflict of The Bully by Paul Langan? a boy named tyray bullies a kid and gets bet up by him at the end of it

What is the plot summary in The Gun by Paul Langan?

The plot of this story is to show that Darrell was smart to fight back but now he has to pay for what he did.