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Q: Where does Rick Riordan hope to be in the future?
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Who are Rick Riordan's siblings?

Rick Riordan has no siblings.

Did Rick Riordan write about a time in the past present or future in his books?


Who did Rick Riordan marry?

Rick Riordan Married Becky Riordan.

Who is Rick Riordan married to?

Rick Riordan's wife is named Becky Riordan.

Is Rick Riordan related to Tim Riordan?

no rick riordan is an only child

Who are Rick Riordan's sisters?

Rick Riordan does not have a brother or a sister!

Does Rick Riordan have a quote?

yes his quote was" knowing to much about your future isn't a good thing."

What are Rick Riordan's intentions as an author?

Rick Riordan loves to be an author

When did Rick Riordan die?

Rick Riordan is still very alive.

What religon is Rick Riordan?

Rick Riordan actually doesn't have a religion.

Is Rick Riordan a Half-Blood?

No, Rick Riordan is not a half-blood.

What are some books that are like Percy Jackson?

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

When was Rick Riordan born?

Rick Riordan was born on June 5, 1964.

Is Rick Riordan Greek?

No....Rick Riordan was born in San Antonio, Texas

What is the heroes of Olympus website called?

Rick Riordan. Rick Riordan's website.

What is Rick Riordan's birthday?

Rick Riordan was born on June 5, 1964.

How many siblings does Rick Riordan have?

Rick Riordan has two sons

What is the birth name of Rick Riordan?

Rick Riordan was born Richard Russell Riordan Jr. on June 5, 1964.

How Would You Describe Rick Riordan?

I would describe Rick Riordan as a true gentleman with a great fond heart and by the way, did you know Rick Riordan was once a mayor?

Who did Riordan marry?

Rick Riordan Married Becky Riordan.

Does Rick Riordan have any pets?

Rick Riordan has a dog and two black cats .

How do you pronounce Rick Riordan?

Rick Riordan pronouces his name RI-er-den.

When is Rick Riordan's book debuting?

Rick Riordan's first Percy Jackson book debuted on July 28th of 2005. Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles' debuted on May 4th, 2010. And Rick Riordan's series the Heroes of Olympus debuted on October 12th, 2010.

Is Fergus Riordan related to Rick Riordan?


Is Rick Riordan related to James Riordan?