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Where does Robert J Williams live in millsberry?

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Answered 2008-03-27 18:52:31

Robert J. Williams lives in Lakeview, Millsberry. His address is 31052 Pond Road, Lakeview. To find him enter his screen name, robertjwilliams, into "Find a buddy" which is on the left hand side panel on Millsberry. Once at his house you can play Wave Blaster, check out his house, go to Sylvane Lake, or play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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What is Robert J Williams password in Millsberry?

Robert J. Williams is a character that is operated by Millsberry Techs, so there is no one besides the techs that know the password. Plus, it's stated in Millsberry rules that no one is allowed to get other peoples' passwords since there has been a problem with accounts being emptied of their items and money.

What is the address of Robert J Williams in millsberry?

just tye robertjwilliams like that on find a buddy and click the top one OK!

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