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Selena Gomez writes her fan emails on twitter

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Some of it someone else writes, some she writes, and sometimes she will write is with helpers.

No she reads some of them but not all.

Yes. Selena Gomez's fan email is

Of Course Selena checks her e-mail, but if she doesn't know you she will probably not e-mail you back. I mean she is a very busy person, and can't talk to everyone you know. But e-mail her fan.. maybe she well respond to you, but just give her some time okay? - Diana Marie Gomez

Selena Gomez Dosen't Hate People Or Anybody .

Yes and no. Some people are happy they are together and some are jealous of Selena Gomez.

I have seen some Wizards of Waverly Place sneakers, with Selena Gomez on them in K-Mart.

justin beiber was being some sort of jerk and a douchbag to selena gomez

Hy SELENA Gomez some times were high heel boots but i don't no if im right or not about Selena Gomez do were high heel boots

No information indicates that Selena Gomez has a Yahoo! Messenger account. However, some people have created and use accounts with celebrity names such as Selena Gomez.

Some things Selena Gomez likes in a guy includes: Humor Intelligence Politeness

Yes Selena Gomez is happy but she needs to have some family time and needs to hang out with out pauperizes

No information indicates that Selena Gomez has a Moshi Monsters account or that she plays. However, some people have created and use accounts with celebrity names such as Selena Gomez.

Here are some links: Look like her - Dress like her - Makeup like her - Hair like her -

Some people think Selena Gomez is great, others not so much. It is a matter of opinion.

Selena Gomez@SelAndTheScene_ Los Angeles SelAndTheScene@xoxotaylorswift SelAndTheScene @xoxotaylorswift

some of the shops Selena Gomez like are urban outfitters, 21 forever and wet seal

Yes, Selena Gomez does speak and know some Spanish since her dad is Mexican. However, she is not fluent. :)

Designers work on making her hairstyles the best they can be .Sometimes Selena Gomez invents some hairstyles of her own.

Selena Gomez is smart because she get's home schooled but not every day x !!

Selena Gomez adores leggings.To find more specific brands or patterns, go online to HTTP:// to get the latest Selena Gomez fashion - (some items being exact).

well some people are saying that they are dating but Selena Gomez said she wouldn't take some ones man that fast

Yes, she does have some muscle. Here is proof:

Hi, Selena Gomez: 53 songs Some are from the Disney tracks and movie songs, and the others are from her 3 albums!

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