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Sea Cucumbers grow in the 'sea-flower beds'. But these scavengers live worldwide (!) on the floors of the various oceans.

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How long does a sea cucumber live for?

How long does a Sea cucumber live for?

Where do sea cucumber live?

In the ocean.

What area of the world does a sea cucumber live in?

they mostly live in newzelend

How does a sea cucumber live?

they crawl on the sea floor and eat small animals

Why is a sea cucumber called a sea cucumber?

Because the scientists believed it looked like a cucumber and it was under the sea so therefore, a sea cucumber has derived from cucumber-like look.

What fish live in the midnight zone?

The anglerfish and the sea cucumber

How long does a sea cucumber live?

40 to 60 years

How long does a sea cucumber live with its parents?

12 years

Does a sea cucumber have a backbone?

no a sea cucumber does not have a backbone.

Does a sea cucumber have a brain?

No a sea cucumber does not have a brain.

Is a sea cucumber a mollusk?

no, a sea cucumber is an Echinoderm.

Where are the eyes of a sea cucumber?

do sea cucumber have eyes and where

What color is the sea cucumber?

the sea cucumber is obviously green, just like a cucumber

What ocean zone does the sea cucumber live in?


What did the cucumber evolve from?

The sea cucumber.

Is a sea cucumber a mollusc?

No. The sea cucumber is, in fact, an echinoderm like the sea urchin.

How did the sea cucumber get its name?

It lives in the sea. It looks like a cucumber ....

Skeleton type of a sea cucumber?

a sea cucumber has a hydrostatic skeleton.

What kind of invertebrates does sea cucumber belong?

Sea cucumber is echinoderm .

What kingdom does the sea cucumber belong to?

the sea cucumber belongs to anamalia

What is the common name for psolus chitinoids?

There are four common names for psolus chitinoids and they are Armoured sea cucumber, Creeping armoured sea cucumber, Slipper sea cucumber and Creeping pedal sea cucumber.

Is a transparent sea cucumber the same as a sea cucumber?

No; sea cucumbers are animals and transparent sea cucumbers are plants.

Can you eat sea cucumber?

No but you can eat cucumbers also a sea cucumber is an animal

What is the weight of a sea cucumber?

3.30 pounds is the weight of a sea cucumber is at the biggest.

What is the scientific name for a sea cucumber?

The scientific name of the sea cucumber is Class Holothuroidea.