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The piglet squid live 100m to 300m under the sea

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Q: Where does a piglet squid live?
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Where do piglet squid live?

in the deep oceons of indonisa

When was Banded Piglet Squid created?

Banded Piglet Squid was created in 1907.

Which zone does the piglet squid live in?

The piglet squid lives in the epipelagic zone (sunlight zone) until they are fully matured when they descend in to the mesopelagic zone (twilight zone).

Is a piglet squid luminescent?


What is the physical description of a banded piglet squid?

The banded piglet squid is a small squid, with the piglet part of its name referring to its appearance. It appears to have a smiley face, caused by a certain alignment of skin pigments on its face. This squid looks very round and plump. It has hairlike tentacles on top of it. A syphon extends from the banded piglet squid, resembling a nose. The squid overall is about the size of an avocado. It has eight arms in addition to the tentacles. The banded piglet squid has a tendency to fill up with water. This also indicates why it is labelled a "piglet squid."

What does the piglet squid eat?


Who discovered piglet squid?

me timmy johensen

What is the lifespan of a piglet squid?

45 months

Where did piglet live?

In a treehouse

What does a piglet squid eat?

because it prefers deep water and is harder to get to, scientists have not found out what it eats

How do squid live in the desert?

Squid do not live in a desert. They are an ocean species.

Where does a squid live?

A squid lives in the oceans.

Do squid live oil around the ocean?

squid do live oil in the ocean

How many years can a squid live?

Ask the squid

Do squid live in the ocean?

Yes, squid live in the ocean. They live very deep under the water.

How old do squid get?

Giant squid can live to about 5 years.

Where in Antarctica do squid live?

Antarctica is a continent. Squid are marine animals. This means that squid live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.

Where do squid live?

in the ocean

Does calarmari live in Antarctica?

No. Squid generally live in warmer water, but there are some squid species that live in the Southern Oceans. Antarctica is a continent, and squid prefer life in the water.

Is piglet a he or she?

Piglet is a HE.....

How deep does a giant squid live?

A giant squid can live thousands of feet under water. The squid often stay in the deepest bodies of water they can find.

Where does Piglet from Winnie the Pooh live?

In a tree the same as Winnie the Pooh.

Where does piglet live?

in a house full of flies and smells like eggs

Do Arctic char eat squid?

no! squid live in the ocean wile arctic char live in freshwater places

What depth does a squid live in the ocean?

Squid can be found in all levels of the ocean.