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Where does a white-headed gibbon live?

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Does a gibbon live in the tropical forest?

the gibbon lives in the tropical rain forest

Do gibbon monkeys live in trees?

find it out

What biome does a silvery gibbon live in?


Where does the black gibbon live?

It lives in Southeast Asia

Where does a javan gibbon live?

The small islands of Indonesia

Which group of animals live on the rock of Gibraltar?


What age do gibbon live to?

gibbons live up to approximately 25 years

Does the Gibbon live in the Amazon Rainforest?

im guessing yes

What countries do the gibbon monkeys live in?

most gibbons live in Southern Asia and in rainforests.

What country does gibbon live in?

A lot of gibbons live in South east Asia and rainforests.

Different types of gibbons?

the lar gibbon, kloss gibbon,molach gibbon,millared gibbon, pleated gibbon

How many gibbons are left?

well there is nine difrent species and they are concolor gibbon, siamang gibbon, kloss gibbon, lar gibbon, pileated gibbon, hoolock gibbon and more.

A list of the twelve different types of gibbon monkeys?

12 types of gibbons lar gibbon, kloss gibbon, millard gibbon, pleated gibbon, rare white cheeked gibbon,molach gibbon check the rest your self u lazy people!

Where is the Gibbon Public Library in Gibbon located?

The address of the Gibbon Public Library is: 1050 Adams Ave, Gibbon, 55335 0138

Where do White-cheeked gibbon live?

Most gibbons live in south africa. Most gibbons live in south africa.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Whiteheaded Boy - 1951?

The cast of The Whiteheaded Boy - 1951 includes: James Berwick as Peter Doreen Keogh as Delia Duffy Joe Linnane as Narrator Siobhan McKenna as Baby Minnie McKittrick as Aunt Ellen

What is an agile gibbon?

An agile gibbon is a member of the gibbon family, Latin name Hylobates agilis.

What has the author A Gibbon written?

A. Gibbon has written: 'Olympics'

Where do Siamangs live?

The Siamang is a variety of gibbon ape that lives in the forests of Malaysia, Sumatra and Thailand.

A gibbon is a member of the family?

a gibbon is a member of the ape family

When did Monk Gibbon die?

Monk Gibbon died in 1987.

When was Monk Gibbon born?

Monk Gibbon was born in 1896.

When was Levi Gibbon born?

Levi Gibbon was born in 1807.

When did Levi Gibbon die?

Levi Gibbon died in 1870.

When did Ray Gibbon die?

Ray Gibbon died in 1999.

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