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Disk storage devices are most commonly used in personal computers as a means to enhance memory. The most common are hard disk drives, optical disk drives, and even zip drives.

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Q: Where does disk storage devices used in?
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What are computer auxiliary devices?

These are secondary storage devices such as the hard disk

Are magnetic disk and optical disk secondary storage devices?

Yes both are secondary storage devices. Primary storage devices include RAM & ROM. Secondary storage devices include magnetic disks like hard disks and cds(optical disks)

In storage devices what is primary?

hard disk drives

What has replaced a floppy disk?

data storage devices

What types of computer storage devices can be used for media storage?

There are many computer storage devices that can be used for media storage. One can use the fixed hard disk that's inside the computer itself, or a portable hard disk external to the computer. One could also use a USB flash drive or a SD card.

What are the 4 storage devices in order of storage capacity from smallest to largest?

floppy disk, hard disk, CD, DVD

Secondary storage devices three secondary storage devices names?

hard disks, floppy disk, cd-rom.

What are the latest secondary storage devices?

Solid State Disks Hard Disk Drives are also secondary storage devices.

What are the main types of magnetic storage devices?

The three primary classes of magnetic storage devices are hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, and magnetic tape machines.

Which of the following is not a permanent storage medium Hard disk Optical disk DVD or RAM?

DVD and RAM are not permanent storage devices.

Which storage devices can store maximum amount of data?

Which of the following storage devices can store maximum amount of data ?. A Floopy Drive B Hard disk C Compact disk D Mangento optic disk

A list of Secondary storage devices?

hard disk floppy disk compact disc usb blue ray disk

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