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If you mean what it's made out of, it's mostly just made out of vegetable oil, and egg yolks beated together.

Mayonnaise comes from Mahon, Spain. There it is still known as Mahonesa today.
Mayonnaise is made from mixing oil, egg yolk and either vinegar or lemon juice.

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Does mayonnaise come from a plant?


What country does mayonnaise come from?

It came from France.

Which country does the word mayonnaise come from?


Which word did the word mayonnaise come from in french?

Well mayonnaise Guidelines issued in September 1991 by Europe's Federation

What food group does mayonnaise come from?

From the Fats group

How did the name mayonnaise come about and what was the original spelling?


Where did the word mayonnoise come from?

I think you mean "mayonnaise".

What pantry items come in jars or bottles?

sauce jam mayonnaise

What is mayonnaise in Telugu?


Is mayonnaise acid or alkaline?

mayonnaise is a ph8 making mayonnaise a alkaline.

Is mayonnaise a gas?

No, mayonnaise is not a gas. Mayonnaise is a semi-solid or thick liquid.

Is mayonnaise an element compound or mixture?

its a mixture.No. Mayonnaise is a mixture.

What is healthier ketchup or mayonnaise?


Is mayonnaise a sport?

No, mayonnaise is a condiment.

What color is mayonnaise?

Butter is yellow.Mayonnaise is whiteMayonnaise is a creamy white color.

What is the ratio of mayonnaise to 1 egg?

It depends on the mayonnaise. You can even get egg-free mayonnaise which is equivalent to an infinite amount of mayonnaise for each egg.

What are some viscous liquids come in squeeze bottles?

Toothpaste, Mayonnaise, Epoxy resin compounds.

Is a mayonnaise a homogeneous solution?

No, mayonnaise is an emulsion.

What part of speech is mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is a noun.

What has more calorie butter or mayonnaise?


What is garlic mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise with garlic in it, unsurprisingly.

What can you replace for mayonnaise?

You can replace dijonaise for mayonnaise.

Is mayonnaise colloid?

Mayonnaise is a colloid (emulsion).

Is mayonnaise a mixture or compound?

Mayonnaise is a mixture.

Is mayonnaise made of mayonnaise cells?


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