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Where does most electricity come from?

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In the near future, most electricity will come from hydroelectric, Solar and Wind energy technology and or a mixture of all

Electricity I use comes from a hydro electric dam on the Columbia River.

Think about it. Solar panels? Yeah, it does produce a lot of energy, but not the most. Electricity produces the most energy.

It gets the power from the electricity lines.

Electricity first started to appear in homes in the 1890s. This was for those in wealthy or well to do homes. By the 1920s most other homes had it as well.

I have never heard this before

Electricity is electrons moving from one atom to the next.

Singapore gets electricity by burning oil.

electricity often comes from the ground or it can come from the air which than preduces green house gass emitions

From electricity. Usually you get that from the outlet.From electricity. Usually you get that from the outlet.From electricity. Usually you get that from the outlet.From electricity. Usually you get that from the outlet.

lemon conducts the most electricity as it is acidic

Generally electricity but come in both.

We have a large array of Hydro Dam's and also several 1000 wind turbines.

The most important use for electricity is to use the internet

The steam turbine produces most of the world's electricity.

The word electricity originates from the Greek word "Electra".

You can burn oil and use the heat to power a generator and you get electricity.

The most dangerous place to be when electricity is present is in direct contact with a charged conductor. The next most dangerous place is where there is liquid water and electricity.

Electricity comes to Tonga in a bunch of boats carrying diesel fuel. All electricity is generated this way.

They do not produce electricity at all.

When your electricity goes out the most important thing to do is to not panic. Get a candle and light it so you can see in your house. Find some kind of a game to play to pass the time. Im not sure how to get the electricity back on manually but eventually it will come back on

They both come from clouds. Rain (water) and lightening (electricity)

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