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Q: Where does most kidnapping happened?
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When did Attempt at kidnapping Juliana of the Netherlands happen?

Attempt at kidnapping Juliana of the Netherlands happened in 1975.

When did Elizabeth Smart kidnapping happen?

Elizabeth Smart kidnapping happened on 2002-12-03.

When did Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard happen?

Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard happened on 1991-##-08.

What Causes Kidnapping?

The most common cause of kidnapping is money. Most kidnappers will demand a ransom in return for the victim. Being arrested or imprisoned is actually a form of legal kidnapping.

What happened when there was a kidnapping at bizarre school?

the teacher woke him up

What is an example of a newspaper report on a kidnapping?

Maybe that what happened to Travon Martin.

What happened when there was kidnapping at bizarre middle school?

The teacher woke him up

What is the statute of limitations on kidnapping?

In most situations, kidnapping is a Federal Crime. As such it will not have a limitation. Some states will limit it, but most have elected not to do so.

What happened when there was a kidnapping at bizarre middle school joke?

The teacher woke him up

What happened when there was a kidnapping ar bizarre middle school?

the tearcher woke him up

What crimes happened in World War 2?

Rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping, arson, torture

What is the most common crime in India?

kidnapping blonde chicks

Trafficking in persons is a violation of human rights. As such it is most akin to?


Who is considered responsible for the Lindbergh kidnapping?

kidnappers are responsible for kidnapping.

What is the penalty for kidnapping in Iran?

Kidnapping is punished by death.

Why did Genghis outlaw kidnapping?

someone was kidnapping his victims

Is there a statute of limitation on kidnapping?

That will depend on the jurisdiction. Most places would consider this a high level felony. Over 30 of the states in the US do not assign a statute of limitations on kidnapping, particularly if it is a child.

Most common crime in 1800s?

Larceny, murder, kidnapping for ransom, rape, prostitution.

What historical events happened in New Jersey?

hindenbergh....garfield assassination linked to nj....lindberg kidnapping....jersey shore shark attacks

What type of case is a kidnapping case?

Kidnapping is a criminal case.

Who was the person to make kidnapping a law?

kidnapping was never allowed

What is the definition of kidnapping?

Kidnapping is an aggravated form of false imprisonment.

Is kidnapping a problem in South Korea?

kidnapping is a problem in anywhere!

When was The Kidnapping of Kensington created?

The Kidnapping of Kensington was created in 1958.

When was News of a Kidnapping created?

News of a Kidnapping was created in 1996.