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Traffic is heavy worldwide, with the biggest producer being Afghanistan. According to a U.N. sponsored survey, as of 2004, Afghanistan accounted for production of 87 percent of the world's heroin. The cultivation of opium in Afghanistan reached its peak in 1999, when 225,000 acres - 350 square miles - of poppies were sown. The following year the Taliban banned poppy cultivation, a move which cut production by 94 per cent. By 2001 only 30 square miles of land were in use for growing opium poppies. A year later, after American and British troops had removed the Taliban and installed the interim government, the land under cultivation leapt back to 285 square miles, with Afghanistan supplanting Burma to become the world's largest opium producer once more. Opium production in that country has increased rapidly since, reaching an all-time high in 2006.

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Q: Where does ninety percent of the worlds heroin come from?
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