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There are many companies that provide insurance for a first time driver. Sometimes the insurance is more expensive because first time drivers can have accidents. Companies to look for are Progressive, All-State and AAA.

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Q: Where does one find insurance for a first time driver?
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How much will a first time driver pay for car insurance?

Typically a first time driver will pay a significant amount more in car insurance. This can be anywhere from $200 to $300.

Where is the best place to get a car driver's first time insurance quote?

You can get a car driver's insurance quote at your local bank, when you ask for an insurance quote, they will let you talk to the insurance guy from the bank.

How much is auto insurance going to cost for a first time driver?

about $100 a month depending on the state

Where can one find cheap insurance payments?

Many insurance companies will do a first time customer discount, or a safe driver discount. The most appropriate place to go would be a main stream insurance company and ask them to compare their rates with other providers.

What is the best car insurance for a first time driver?

It depends on current offers but some examples that are good for first time drivers are GEICO, State Farm and Progressive. Try to get discounts and you can end up saving a lot of money even as a first time driver.

Where can someone find information about car insurance for first time drivers?

One can find information about car insurance for first time drivers on websites such as DMV and Cars Direct. Other websites include Edmunds and the "Car Insurance" section on the "About" website.

What is the average price for insurance for first time drivers?

my brother is a firdst time driver and he got 1000 they told him he had to pay for the year but i do not know

Where can young people obtain car driver insurance in the UK?

Quinn Direct is one of the largest providers of first time car driver insurance in the United Kingdom. They have very competitive rates that young drivers can afford.

How much should car insurance go up with a youthful driver?

i added my wife today and she is a first time driver and i jumped an extra 1000 per year

What are some recommended car insurance companies for a first time driver?

There are many insurance companies that offer good deals on car insurance for first time drivers. Some of the companies that one should check are Geico, Progressive, Allstate, E-surance, The General and Safeco.

What does principal driver on automobile insurance policy mean?

The principal driver is the person who drives the vehicle over 50% of the time. This is the main driver of the vehicle and the person who will be rated as the driver for computing the cost of the insurance.

Where can a consumer find cheap first time car insurance?

One can find cheap first time car insurance from a number of companies. These can include 21st Century, USAA, Amica Coverage, as well as Met Life Auto.

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