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Tankless gas water heaters can be purchased at your retail stores like Home Depot, their prices range from $278.43 to $1716.00. Tankless gas water heaters can also be purchased from ebay.

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Bosch AquaStar 2400ES-NG (Natural Gas) Tankless Water Heater will provide a endless supply of water heater.

Tankless gas water heater have a wide range or prices depending on the brand, length and the amount of gallons. The prices and go as low as $200 to nearly $2000.

Home Depot carries the GE Tankless Water Heater, and I was told with certainty that these are made for GE by Rheem.Additional notes:Looking for return on investment / payback period for tankless water heater over regular heater with tank? See this link* that suggests a standard home will save $375/year for a tankless water heater, so that ROI is 2 years for purchase + installation.Shopping Now? As of 2010-12-30, I am looking at the GE Indoor 7.5 gpm Tankless Gas Water Heater Model # GN75DNSRSA, retail $1449 and for the next couple of weeks is $584.10 (no cost for 3-5 bus. days shipping)This compares to $864.89 (shipping already included) for the Rinnai R75LSi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 7.5 GPM on

A tankless electric water heater is a special kind of heater that heats water that flow in a pipe by either an electric element or a gas burner. Such heater can be found in stores like Home Depot and of course Amazon.

In the long run a Rheem Tankless water heater will save you money in the long run by heating the water faster and you will have to run the water for a shorter amount of time for it to heat up.

Yes a bosch tankless water heater can save on your utilities bill. Bosch claims that because they use natural gas in their heaters, you can save up to half on your bills.

A tankless water heater provides on-demand hot water. The following guide provides simple tips when installing a tankless hot water heater. A tankless hot water heater is usually mounted on a wall, near a fresh water source. Most tankless hot water heaters are installed next to the cold water tank, or the home entry point of a municipal water supply. Using a PVC bracket, attach the hot water system to the water supply. After attaching the intake, attach the water output to the adjacent pipe. Make sure all gas and electrical connections are secured before turning on the tankless hot water system.

If you have a barnett in your area get a Noritz 531 there are indoor and outdoor models and natural gas and LP models. WATER SOFTENER IS RECCOMENDED FOR ANY TANKLESS WATER HEATER IF HARD WATER IS PRESENT. I power my house with this but i only have one bathroom. I do not reccommend electric tankless

Unless you are extremely knowledgeable about gas devices, you shouldn't fiddle with them.

form_title=Tankless Water Heater Installation form_header=11693 Is this need emergency in nature?*= () No () Yes Please specify the type of tankless water heater you would like installed.*= () Whole house () Don't know () Single point Can you describe the kind of heat source you are looking to get?*= () Natural gas () Electric () Propane () Don't know () Solar

The energy saving potential of tankless water heaters has led many consumers to consider replacing their storage tank water heaters with tankless models. Tankless water heaters only heat water when it is needed. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a tankless heater can reduce water heating costs by up to 30 percent. The small size of the tankless heaters is also attractive where there is limited space. And, although there may be some maintenance costs, tankless heaters should last longer than storage tank water heaters. However, the initial cost of a tankless water heater is significantly higher than the price of a new storage water heater. Forty to fifty gallon standard storage water heaters cost from $300 to $650 at a major home store. The same store sells a 7.4 gallon per minute tankless water heater for $1,200. The cost of installing a tankless water heater is also significantly higher. Local plumbers, home stores and handymen have competitive pricing on the installation of storage water heaters. It is a quick job for an experienced installer. A tankless heater may require costly electrical work and new gas piping. The more complex installation process can be time consuming and may require specialized workers. In a 2008 article, “Consumer Reports” estimated that it would take 22 years of energy savings to recoup the higher cost of a tankless water heater. Energy rebate programs and tax credits may be available to reduce the net cost of a tankless heater or a highly efficient storage tank heater. Check programs sponsored by government agencies and utility companies before deciding on a purchase since discounts, rebates and other incentives can help a tankless water heater pay for itself in significantly less time. Rising energy costs may also make a tankless heater a more attractive financial proposition. Of course, cost savings are not the only reason to purchase a tankless water heater. Some consumers are focused on reducing their energy use. Recovering the cost of switching to a tankless heater is less important to them. If your priority is reducing your carbon footprint, a tankless water heater can help accomplish that objective.

Some of the benefits of a natural gas tankless water heater are that hot water is available at anytime, the cost to operate the heater is less than a tank and there may be government grants to entice consumers to use the new system. Overall, energy saving and constant hot water availabilty at the main advantages.

There are many benefits of a gas powered tankless water heater, including federal tax rebates, an endless supply of hot water, a longer life span than tank systems, higher energy efficiency and a lower loss of overall heat. Gas powered tankless water heaters take up much less space and can be installed outdoors, under cabinets or on walls.

Tankless. A tankless heater heats the water as you use it. It doesn't store hot water and keep it hot day and night whether any is used or not. The water is heated almost instantaneously, and the heater will keep the hot water flowing as long as the water is turned on.

The company Noritz is a heater company. They specialize in making innovative solutions for hot water heating, such as their tankless gas water heaters.

form_title=Tankless Water Heater Repair form_header=11703 How would you best describe the nature of the problem?*= [] No hot water [] Annual maintenance [] Not enough hot water [] Leaking or cracked pipe [] Making noise [] Hot water fluctuations [] Pilot light is out [] Other What is the source of heat the water heater is using?*= () Electricity () Natural gas () Propane () Solar () Don't Know

I am considering buying a gas water heater. How does a gas water heater work?

A tankless and a gas(with a normal tank) water heater both burn gas to heat the water, so they need vents to bring air into the space where they are located, and a venting system for the exhaust. Some considerations for tankless: 1) they require larger gas supply pipes; 2) they can be placed on most walls, but you still need room around them; and 3) they heat the water as it flows through the pipe, so you still have to deal with the cold water which is in the pipe. I mention the last one because many people think that they will immediatley obtain hot water. For your situation, placing the tankless heater on the third floor would require new gas pipes. Commonly gas pipes are 3/4" in a home, and a tankless unit may need 1" at a minimum. Having the water heater on the same level would provide you with hot water sooner. Placing the tankless unit where the hot water storage tank is may require less plumbing, so it could be an easier task. The water will take longer to heat, and you could be wasting energy of the heated water in the pipe. This can be partially resolved by insulating the hot water pipes. Insulating these pipes is a wise idea for efficiency in either location.

form_title= Gas Water Heater form_header= Install a gas water heater in your home! Are you repairing an existing gas water heater?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure Do you want to install a new gas water heater?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure How old is your home?*= _ [50]

Standard meter will suffice, need to know pressure from meter to house. Size pipe appropriately for gas pressure coming into house X distance to water heater. Gas company or plumber should be able to help with this calculation.

I am wondering if you can convert the lp or propane gas to natural gas on a bosch tankless hotwater heater. I am guessing it has a different orfice and regulator

No, you only need gas for a gas water heater.

The actual cost of a reputable brand name tankless unit and the necessary unit accessories will cost approx. $800-$1500. Then you have the installation costs. A realistic installation cost in the Los Angeles area for a Gas tankless is between $1,000 and $5,000. The costs vary greatly because of the need to most likely upgrade the gas line, meter, vent, and often relocation of your water heater. My average installation costs have been around $1500, but i have installed a few that have been closer to the $4000 range.