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The Church began on Pentecost Sunday when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.


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The old testament, then the church and the new testament.

The early Church created the New Testament.

The old testament tells of the prophecies that have come, and those that wil come later on , they have come in the new testament.

Jesus mentions 'the church' 18 times in the New Testament.

The Old Testament was a series of Laws. The New Testament is Love and Faith.

The word "church" appears 113 times in the King James version of the New Testament.

What new testament book tells us of the work of the early church

My guess it was more interesting than after the new testament.

27 books are identified as being in the New Testament.

According to the new testament of the Bible, the "church" is the people who have believed in (and model their life after--not simply claim to believe) Christ. The church is NOT the building, according tot he new testament.

As far as I know the church was started by Paul in the new testament. And not in the old testament. At that time in the old testament they had the temple only. And Jesus also never did built a church in his life time.

Once the New Testament was established tithing was abolished. Tithing was replaced with voluntary giving. The New Testament church did not practice tithing.Your Tithe

New Testament fulfills what was written about Him in the Old Testament.

The New Testament church came into existence on the first Day of Pentecost following Jesus' ascension. The account is found in Acts 2.

The Bible, in the New Testament, teaches that the Christian believers ARE the church. It states this many times. The idea of "church" meaning a building is a much more recent idea. At the beginning of the church there probably weren't any church buildings as such. So according to the Bible in the New Testament, Christian believers are part of the church, and the church is the body of Christian believers. The expectation of the New Testament is that Christian believers will be a part of the church, personally involved and in relationship with the other believers. The New Testament does not have anything to say about whether people who are not believing Christians should attend church - there's no rule about it. But there's no reason why they shouldn't. Most of the New Testament was written specifically to churches, not to individuals.

The book of Galatians is found in the New Testament. That book was a letter written by Paul of Tarsus to the church in Galatia (in modern-day Turkey).

The New Testament. The New Testament comprises Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - in that order. The Bible is comprised of 1. The Old Testament and 2. The New Testament. The Old Testament relates to God and the Jewish nation and the New Testament relates to Jesus and His Sacrifice on the cross and the start of the Church age.

The book of Romans is found in the New Testament. That book was a letter written by Paul of Tarsus to the church in Rome.

After the prophets wrote it

In the Old Testament a Messiah was promised by God to come into the world. In the New Testament the Messiah arrives, that Messiah is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is what basically links the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Yes. The Old Testament is the Jewish bible and deals with the history of the Jews and God's relationship with them. The New Testament is the story of the life and ministry of Christ and the early Christian Church.

There are surnames that are utilized in the New Testament.

There were problems in the Corinth church mainly infighting and elders were imoral.

The Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible does not come from memories. The books were written by men under the inspiration of Holy Spirit.

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