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The blue tang is a type of surgeonfish that live near reefs in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Mexican Gulf. These are herbivorous fish that are prey for carnivorous fish like the tuna.

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How long does the blue tang fish live for?

a blue tang fish has a life spam of 20 years

Which zone does a blue tang live?

They live in the Neuritic Zone.

What temperature do blue tang fish live?

The blue tang fish live in really cold temperatures up to 23 f. that explains the dark color blue skin that they have.

What are adaptations to a blue tang fish?

blue tang fish are blue. the blue helps them camoflauge into the blue water they live in. they actually like to live in the butt of some fish. it keeps them safe and supplies some daily food.

What are the blue tang?

Blue Tang is a fish

Is a blue tang nocturnal?

Blue Tang fish are not nocturnal, but are active during the daytime. These fish live in shallow waters of the Caribbean amongst the reefs.

Common name for blue tang?

The blue tang known also as the Regal tang and Blue Surgeonfish.

How long do regal blue tang fish live?

it lives in the ocean

How long does the blue tang fish live?

a life span of 78 seconds

What part of the surface does a blue tang fish live in deep or shallow?


What are three facts about the blue tang?

The Blue Tang changes colors as it matures.

Where do blue tang fish live?

in water -sorry had 2 say it the Atlantic ocean

Is the blue tang fish a bony fish?

yes, the blue tang is a bony fish

Does the blue tang migrate?

The Blue Tang does not migrate. It lives on the reefs and eats algae.

What is the latin name of the blue tang fish?

The latin name of the blue tang is Paracanthurus Hepatus.The latin name of the Atlantic blue tang fish is Acanthurus coeruleus.

What does a blue tang eat?

Adult Blue Tang are omnivores. They feed on plankton, algae and shrimp.

What is a powder blue tang?

a powder blue tang is a saltwater fish, it is also known as a powder blue surgeon fish. if you have seen Finding Nemo, this fish is the same thing as Dori. Actually dori is called a hippo or blue tang, and is not at all the same as a powder blue tang.

Can you keep a yellow tang and a blue tang together?

No, They are aggressive.

How do blue tang escape from there predators?

In the coral reefs, they live in holes or creases, where they are safe from predators at night.

What color are young blue tang fish?

They are bluish with a hint of tang!!

How did the blue tang get its name?

"tang" refers to the sharp spines on the fish's tail, and blue is of course its main coloring.

What are facts about the blue tang fish?

The Blue Tang can change colors. It sleeps in striped paterns. They eat only algae. They live n coral reefs and in places at depths of 2-40 meters or 6-131 feet.

What is the species name of Dory in Finding Nemo?

Blue Tang. Some say royal blue, but a pet shop just calls it the Blue Tang.

Is a blue tang cold blooded?

Fish are cold-blooded, so therefore the Blue Tang is cold-blooded.

What are the eating habits of a blue tang?

blue megans(: and also blue meatloaf.

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