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Generally the veterinarian that services farm animals will come out to your farm, there are exceptions such as university clinics where a farm animal may be taken in at the request of the vet for additional tests, treatment or study.

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Q: Where does the calf see the veterinarian?
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Why does a calf not pass feces?

Constipation. Get a veterinarian out ASAP.

What is wrong with a 400 calf that makes a wheezing noise but look like he isn't sick?

The two differential diagnoses that come to mind are calf diptheria or chronic pneumonia. However, your veterinarian will have to take a look at the calf to see what may be going on.

What does a calf coughing mean?

It's possible they have a respiratory illness. Consult your veterinarian about this.

What types of antibiotics do you give a sick calf?

Please go see your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and to determine what--let alone IF--antibiotics need to be administered to a sick calf. Chances are the calf does not need antibiotics at all, just electrolytes if it's scouring, a deworming product if it has worms, or an injection of a certain mineral if the calf is deficient in certain minerals.

What would make a calf slobber a lot?

An abscess in the jaw or mouth, rabies infection, wooden tongue, eating something that is poisonous, etc. Please see your veterinarian about this.

Animal calf with pneumonia what what kind of med. to give it?

This is a question for a veterinarian. There are many drugs available.

What do you do for swelling in a calf's knee?

Check with a veterinarian. It could be joint ill or an abscess that needs to be treated.

How many cc to give a 1000lbs cow with calf?

Depends on the medicine and what sort of illness your cow is inflicted with. See your veterinarian on a proper diagnosis of your cow and for the proper medicine needed to administer.

How do you use the calf in a sentence?

I have a burning sensation in the calf. I can see the calf from here.

What would be the cause of a cow about 8 months in calf not being able to get up but is eating food?

That is something you may have to see your veterinarian about. It could be anything: a pinched nerve, nutrient deficiency, etc.

How do you treat a eight day old calf with free flow blood for its scours?

It is highly recommended to get in contact with a veterinarian about this immediately otherwise you may soon have a dead calf on your hands.

What is there to do if a calf has choked on an apple?

There's not much you can do, really. Reaching for the apple may just push it farther down its throat. You would be best to get your veterinarian as soon as possible to see what can be done to save the animal.