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The first Article (section 2) of the US Constitution mandates taking a census once every ten years.

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Article 1 section 2

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Q: Where does the constitution talk about the census?
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What was the population of the United states during the writing of the constitution. What was the racial and ethnic census. The religious and landowner statistics?

During the writing of the constitution, the population of the United States was around 2.5 million people. The racial and ethnic census at the time was predominantly White, with Black enslaved individuals forming a significant minority. Regarding religious statistics, the population was predominantly Protestant, with smaller numbers of Catholics and other denominations. In terms of landownership, it was skewed towards large landowners, with smaller farmers and tenants making up a significant portion of the population.

Which of the following mandated the census in the United States?


The enumeration in the Constitution mean?

Census, counting the population regularly

How often does the constitution require that a census be taken?

Every 10 years

What does the US Constitution state about the US Census?

In Article I, Section 2, the US Constitution requires a census every ten years for purposes of apportioning members of the House of Representatives among the various states.

What do you mean by the term census?

The census is a questionnaire which is sent to every person living in a country. It is sent out every 10 years and in the US is required by the constitution.

How often is a census required by the US Constitution?

every ten yearsEvery 10 years.

What must the government do every ten years in The United States according to The US Constitution?

The government must conduct a nationwide Census of citizens every ten years in The United States according to The US Constitution. The US Census, in part, helps determine the mapping for political districts and the use of Federal government monies.

Why did the writers of the US constitution include the requirement for a census every ten years?

The Constitution provides for a census every 10 years because this is how the seats for the House of Representative is determined. States with a smaller population, have fewer seats.

The constitution requires that a national census be taken every four years?

It is every 10 years.

What mandated the census in the US?

The United States Constitution mandates the census in Article I, Section 2. It states that a population count must be carried out every ten years in order to determine the number of seats each state gets in the House of Representatives. The census is also used to allocate federal funding and shape policy decisions.

What is a census and why is it taken according to the constitution?

The decennial (every ten years) Census is mandated by the Constitution for the purpose of apportioning Representatives to the States. The greater the population of the state, the more Representatives it will have. States that have an increase in population will have additional Representatives; states that lose population will have fewer.