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it comes from New England

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Which country does a chicken kiev come from?

Kiev is in the Ukraine, but i say Chicken Kiev is a French/ American dish

What types of food do the people who live in kiev eat?

chicken kiev

Where did chicken kiev originate?

The Ukraine is where chicken Kiev originated from. Chicken Kiev is a chicken dish that is chicken rolled with butter and herbs.

What country is chicken kiev from?

Chicken Kiev is from Russia from what I have heard

What is the equipment for Chicken Kiev?

Um well food is nice its an adventure on ted

How much sugar is in a chicken kiev?

the amount of sugar roughly in a chicken kiev is 2.5-5 grams

Who invented the Fried Chicken Sandwitch?

Chicken Kiev

What is Chicken Kiev?

A crumbed chicken with garlic sauce in the middle

What are the ratings and certificates for Chicken Kiev - 2000?

Chicken Kiev - 2000 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:6 (bw)

Where can one find recipes for chicken kiev?

The Epicurious website, the Serious Eats website, the Food Network website.

What k is a capital of Ukraine and a chicken?


Where does the football team Dynamo Kiev come from?

Dynamo Kiev comes from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev

Does the food chicken come from chickens?


What country does chicken kiev originate from?

This dish originates from Russia - from what I have read

In what Restaurant in Australia can you find Chicken kiev?

why, the Outback Steakhouse of course!!!

How are you going to let the fox chicken and the food cross the river in poptropica?

Take the chicken over come back for the food, take the food over, BUT bring the chicken back to the fox, put the chicken back, and take the fox over, then come back and take the chicken over!Hope it helped!From: uggodapuggo

How do call a chicken?

You can't honestly call a chicken; they just sort of come. You can drop chicken food as the best hope.

What are some foods from Asia?

beef noodle soup,sushi,chicken kiev

What is the capital of the ukrane?

Kiev like the food.

How do you get the chicken food fox across on poptropica?

Take the chicken over, come back. Take the chicken feed over, bring the chicken back. Take the fox over, come back. Take the chicken over.

Why are they called chicken kiev?

This is a deboned and flattened chicken or pheasant breast that is rolled around a chilled piece of herb/garlic butter, breaded and then fried. It is said that New York restaurants named it Kiev to attract Russian immigrants to ordering what was previously known as Chicken supreme === === === ===

Is the study of those substances which do not contain carbon?

chicken kiev based fruit only is yoda

What is Russia's nationl food?

Russian cuisine is diverse, as Russia is the largest country in the world. Many of the foods that are considered in the West to be traditionally Russian actually come from the Franco-Russian cuisine of the 18th and 19th centuries, and include such widespread dishes as Veal Orloff, Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Kiev.

What food does chicken eat?

the chicken eats food

What 5 food sources come from animals?

Beef, chicken, milk, cheese and mutton.

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