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Q: Where does the language of Esperanto originate from?
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What is language of Katrina?


What language is saluton?

Esperanto, dumb

What language the grapes?

Grapes speak Esperanto as their native language.

Where do people speak esperanto?

All over the world! Esperanto is an international language, so people everywhere learn it as a second language.

Is Esperanto the universal language?

No. A universal language, by definition, would be a widely spoken language. Esperanto has only about 2 million speakers, scattered over the planet.

Which language has no irregular verbs?

Turkish and Esperanto

When was Esperanto created?

Esperanto was launched into life in 1887, so it is still a comparatively young language.

Is esparonto the international language?

Esperanto is supposedly the international language, however no country has adopted Esperanto officially. It is spoken in over 115 countries.

What has the author Bernard Cavanagh written?

Bernard Cavanagh has written: 'Esperanto' 'A first foreign language for all mankind: Esperanto' -- subject(s): Esperanto

What nationality was the creator of the artificial language Esperanto?

He was Polish.

What language was created in the early twentieth century?


What language is Gajan Kristnaskon?

Merry Christmas in Esperanto, an artificial international language.

Is Korean or Esperanto the younger language?

Esperanto is younger. Korean has been developing since before recorded history, whereas Esperanto was invented in the late 1800s.

What was the purpose of esperanto?

Esperanto was and is intended to serve as a second language for us all. That's an ambitious but laudable aim.

Is esperanto language changing?

Esperanto is evolving but its basis never changes. Words like "fejsbuko" the Esperanto word for Facebook has needed to be included, for example as the internet is used by Esperanto speakers from all over the World.

Why do people look down on Esperanto?

It is not a native language. It is a constructed language that has no country of origin.

What is Esperanto-?

Esperanto is an artificial language devised in 1887 as an international medium of communication, based on roots from the chief European languages.

What language speakers were shot russia and Germany 1930?


Is it true that your ancestors spoke Esperanto?

No. Esperanto was designed to be easy to learn, in the hope that it would become an international language.

What is the disadvantage of Esperanto language?

The disadvantage of Esperanto is that it's not widely spoken at all. It has only about 2000 native speakers and less than 2 million who speak it as a second language.

What kind of language is Esperanto?

Esperanto is a constructed language (also known as an artificial language). Rather than evolving naturally like most languages, it was invented by someone, L. L. Zamenhof, in the late 1800s.

Why was Esperanto created?

It was created to facilitate international communication. It was intended to be a second language, not a primary language. At the time that Esperanto was created, French was the de facto international language. Now that role is largely fulfilled by English.

What language was developed from Esperanto?

No language was developed form Esperanto, but Ido is considered to be a modern revision of Esperanto.No languages have been developed from Esperanto, But Ido is considered to be an "update" of Esperanto.

Artificial language English and romance based?

I think you are asking about ESPERANTO

What is the worlds most widely spoken constructed language?

Esperanto, i think.