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The term kung fu is Chinese term referring to any practice, learning or study that require patience, time to complete, and energy. Its often used in the West to refer to Chinese martial arts.

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It comes from the Chinese language.

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Don't know

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Q: Where does the term Kung Fu come from?
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Was Kung Fu a defense?

Kung fu is a blanket term for martial arts. You have to be specific.

Where did Kung Fu come from?


Where do the words 'Kung Fu' come from?


How did Kung Fu come into English language?

From the first person to translate it in pinyin it is called Kung fu. In China it is Ku fu which means the same thing. In China the term is really Wushu which means martial art. Ku fu is a term used for a skill or development. This also means any skill or development not just martial arts.

What does a river otter do when enemies come?

Kung fu

What year did kung fu fighting song come out?

The song is Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting. It was written by Carl Douglas. It was released in 1974.

Is Kung Fu a martial art?

Yes, kung fu is a martial art. Today the Chinese refer to it as Wushu. Many of the martial arts in Southeast Asia trace their origins to Kung Fu. Martial art in China is Wushu not kung fu. Kung fu is a skill or development. Kung fu is a English term used for Chinese martial arts. Kung fu comes from the word Ku fu that pinyin translated to mean kung fu. Both words are used in ancient China, but in modern China wu means martial or military and shu means art. Martial arts in China were always called Wushu or Ku fu not the English term of kung fu. Martial art is skill or development also Ku fu is any skill or development not just martial arts. So learning any thing is Ku fu.

When will the Kung Fu Panda show come out?

In 2011 sometime

What is Kung-Fu really about?

Fortune does not come twice. Misfortune does not come alone.

Do pandas know Kung Fu?

Pandas know kung fu only in the Kung Fu Pandauniverse.

What is real Kung Fu?

Kung fu comes from China. Shaolin monks teach real kung fu there.

When was My Kung Fu created?

My Kung Fu was created in 2004.