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That depends on what you mean by "copied electronically".If you mean that you press the keys for "Copy" (usually Ctrl-C), the text is copied to a temporary memory area known as the "Clipboard".If you type texts from a book, into the computer, the text is in the computer memory; once you save it, it is in the computer's hard disk.

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Q: Where does the text go when its copied electronically?
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What happens when text is copied electronically?

when you try to copy a text electronically in your computer than first it will store on your clipboard of computer. or if you want to copy text through using microprocessor 8085 or 8086 than it may copy according to your program (in general purpose register).

Where does a text or graphic go when it is cut or copied?

When a text or graphic is cut or copied, it is stored in the clipboard, a temporary storage area in the computer's memory. It remains in the clipboard until it is pasted into a new location.

Can text be copied from a website?

yes it can.

When you paste text it is moved from what?

It comes from where you copied it.

How can a section of text in a Notepad document be highlighted to be copied to anotheer location?

How can a section of text in a Notepad document be highlighted to be copied to another location within the document

What happens when the text is cut or copied?

The original text stays where it was, and if you select paste a copy of the text appears where you have your cursor.

What is the name for a virtual volume of text existing only electronically?

e book

Where is cut or copied text stored in word?

word taskbar

What group can you use to paste and copied text into a document?

the group is called documents for students it will work just go on the internet and it give it to you ii promise......

When text is copied it is removed from its current location?

The answer is no.....because the text is not removed unless you take it off of your windows clipboard

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How Do You Copy With Ctrl?

Select the text you want to copyUse Ctrl+c to copy the selected text into the clipboardSelect where the text should be copiedUse Ctrl+v to paste the copied text at that location