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Automatic-thru tube w/narrow funnel.

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Q: Where does transmission fluid go in a cutlass supreme?
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Where does the transmission fluid go in a 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass Are there a picture of where it goes?

if your standing in front of the car with hood open you will see a t-handle marked transmission that is were you add fluid you will need a funnel to pore it in

Did the 350 Chevy engine go in the 1972 Olds cutlass supreme?

Not from the factory.

How can an early 80's Oldsmobile cutlass supreme that will go forward but not backward be fixed?

your reverse band for the transmission is messed up, about your only option is to replace the transmission, should cost around 400 used in good shape

Where does tranSmission fluid go in 1996 Monte Carlo?

In the transmission.

Transmission fluid go on a 2001 Audi a4 1.8?

how do i fill up the transmission fluid

Which fuses go where in the box on a 1983 olds cutlass supreme if the box is not labeled?


Most common problems with a 93' Oldsmobile Cutlass supreme?

It seems that they most problems with the 93' Oldsmobile cutlass supreme would be the engine and the break. Those seem to go out the most on this car.

Where can you go to read or see a layout for 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme fuses panel?


How many quarts of transmission fluid go in to a 2001 dodge ram 1500 318 engine?

Transmission fluid doesn't go into the engine.

What is the cooling fluid that goes back to the transmission?

The 2 lines that come from the transmission and go to the radiator are full of transmission fluid and the radiator is what cools it.

Where does the transmission fluid go in a 99 Buick lesabre?

The same place the transmission fluid dipstick is. Be sure that you actually need to add fluid or you can cause serious damage to your transmission.

What is the problem when the car will not go in reverse or go in drive the transmission fluid is still full?

what is the problem when the car will not go in drive or reverse? and the transmission fluid is still full

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