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It occurs in a cell that's been overtaken by a virus.

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Q: Where does viral reproduction occur?
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What is the scientific term for viral reproduction?

the viral reproduction is a virus that can't be stoped

How is viral reproduction different than cellular reproduction?

vival reproduction has to happen in girls vagina

Is the lytic cycle the process of viral reproduction?

Cell lysis occurs under several 'natural conditions'; viral reproduction is just one of them.

What are the two ways reproduction can occur?

Asexual reproduction Sexual reproduction

Where does viral reproduction occurs?

in a cell that has been takenover by a virus

What is the viral reproduction cycle that kills quickly?

lytic cycle

How does viral reproduction damage a host cell?

Lol by killing the cells

Does viral replication only occur in mitosis?


reproduction would not occur if which part of the cell was removed?

The Cell Membrane

A computer model can simulate the aspects of viral reproduction quite well however microscopic observation of actual viral reproduction can improve understanding because actual observations?

May provide reproductions events on a squence

What reproduction cannot occur with only one parent?

Sexual reproduction

What type of reproduction occur in cynodon?

Vegetative reproduction through suckers.

Where does reproduction for gymnosperms occur?


How is viral production different than cellular reproduction?

Main difference is that viruses can only reproduce by hijacking living cells. No cells, no viral reproduction. It rewires the cell to produce more copies of itself, then makes the cell self-destruct sending out the copies. Cellular reproduction is in a category of its own.

Does meiosis occur in sexual or asexual reproduction?

Meiosis is essential for sexual reproduction

What is the purpose of the lytic pathway?

Viral reproduction. See more in the related questions below.

What are the functions of plants?

They are the same as any living organism: growth and reproduction. Reproduction does not occur without growth, and growth does not occur without feeding.

Can meiosis occur in asexual reproduction?

no only occur in the cells which undergo sexual reproduction in which two cells combine to form one zygote

What problems occur in reproduction?

Reduction division

How does reproduction occur in fungi?

by living with your mom

How does progeny formed from asexual reproduction differ from those formed by sexual reproduction?

the progeny in asexual reproduction similar to itself and known as clone. so , there is no mutation is occur as well as no variation of generation is occur. but in sexual reproduction its progeny different to itself . thus , mutation is occur which leads to variation and evolution also .

What stage of reproduction does cytokinesis occur?

Cytokinesis does not occur until the very end of the stage of reproduction. This is because all the organelles and DNA must be replicated.

The severity of a viral infection is linked to?

Over- nourished . Viruses depend on a healthy cell for reproduction.

Which stage of viral reproduction takes place when the DNA and capsids are assembled together?

The maturation stage

Why is the sexual reproduction of the human necessary?

because in sexual reproduction 2 parents are involve and it occur fertilizationand sexual reproduction is by mitosis