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Where does ythe word restaurant come from?


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The word restaurant came from French

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Judo means 'the gentle way'.

The word restaurant come from French.

Word 'restaurant' derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning 'to restore'.

the word restaurant comes for France, where most words are form

The word restaurant derives from the French, and originally meant a place where you could restore your health by eating a nice healthy bowl of soup. Restaurant is literally a place of restoration.

The italian word for restaurant is ristorante.or "Trattoria" . Pizzeria is a restaurant that serves pizza.

Yo Jimmy Are You Going To A Restaurant Today. Yes Tony I Am cool . Hey Can I Come To the Restaurant yeah That would be cool ok I Am Going To firlaa Bramone at 8:00 Hope you Make it to the restaurant.. Is That Enuf

The word restaurant is from the French word restaure which means to provide food for.

Yes, restaurant is French.

No, the word 'restaurant' is a countable noun; the plural form is restaurants (one restaurant or a chain of restaurants).

The word Restaurant derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning to restore.

restaurant = ร้านอาหาร (R̂ān xāh̄ār)

The Greek word for "Restaurant" is "εστιατόριο".

restaurant = hale 'aina [halay I-na]

I WOULD LIKE TO go to a restaurant

The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo

Porterhouse takes it's name from a restaurant or chophouse where Porter and other liquors were served, from about 1758. Porterhouse steak is said to be from a particular restaurant in New York, dated about 1841

Restaurant is not capitalized, unless it begins the sentence.

100% if you want to own a restaurant. Build it and they will come.

"Isabelle" is a name, so you spell it "Isabelle" in French or any other language. "Restaurant" is originally a French word, so it's spelled "Restaurant". The possessive in French does work a little differently... I'm not positive, but I think the whole thing would come out as "Restaurant Isabelle".

Yes, the word "restaurant" is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a business that serves prepared food for payment, a word for a thing.

The word resteraunt is likely referring to the word restaurant. The person has misspelled it likely. It has been spelled in a very phonetically way.

restaurant= ΕΣΤΙΑΤΟΡΙΟ , εστιατόριο (estiatorio)For the everyday "traditional" greek restaurant found all over Greece the word ΤΑΒΕΡΝΑ (ταβέρνα pronounced taverna) is used.

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