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Allama Iqbal studied at Government College University in Lahore, and later went on to study Philosophy and Law in England and Germany. He also obtained a PhD from the University of Munich.

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Q: Where illama iqbal studied?
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How many wife's had illama iqbal?

allama iqbal had 4 wifes

Who was the muffakir-e-pakistan?

illama iqbal

Illama iqbal was born in?

Muhammad Iqbal was born on November 9, 1877 in the country of Pakistan. He was a philosopher, politician, and poet and died on April 21,1938.

What happens at the end of iqbal?

Iqbal dies.

How many siblings of allama iqbal?

Allama Iqbal had 5 siblings.

What is the name of tamim iqbal's mother?

the name of Allama Iqbal's mother was Immam Bibi.

What was the real name of Allma Iqbal?

Muhammad Iqbal

When did Iqbal die?

Allama Iqbal died in 1938.

What has the author Iqbal written?

Iqbal. has written: 'Complaint and answer'

How many chapters are in Iqbal?

There are 15 chapters in Iqbal

Where is Allama Iqbal's tomb?

Allama Iqbal's tomb is at Lahore

When did Raad Iqbal die?

Raad Iqbal died in 2000.