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CA is a large state and you will have to be much more precise than that.

In most cases, community colleges have GED programs and testing centers. For help on GED test materials, GED practice test, GED testing location, fees, and information you need is just a phone call away. Call 1-800-62-MYGED (1-800-626-9433) to find your local GED Testing Center. The center can tell you: * Whether you can take the GED Tests * Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests * Where to find a GED instructional program * How much it costs to take the tests * When the tests are given * Other useful information

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Q: Where in California can you get your GED?
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Is the California GED honored in other states?

A GED obtained in California is recognized in other states. GED's are equivilanent to high school diplomas.

What are the requirements for an 18 year old to get their GED in California?

The requirements for getting your GED in California can be found at the following web Good luck with your future endeavors.

What is the GED test for California?

Anyone who is aged eighteen or over can take the GED test for California. There are testing centers throughout California and the tests run many times through the year.

Are you able to attend California state university with a GED?


How soon do you get your GED test results in California?

In about 2 weeks

Where can I find online information about California GED?

You can get general information about earning your GED in California by visiting the California Department of Education website at For a list of GED testing centers by city, go to this link:

How do i get a copy of my GED Test obtained while in prison?

I did time at NCWF in california in the early 80's. How can I get a copy of my ged?

swhere can I find of copy of my GED certificat and test scores in Santa Rosa, CA.?

you can find GED examination certificates in California Department of Education GED Testing Center.

Minimum age to take GED in state of California?

16 & above.

In California do you have to wait a year after your out of school to get your GED?

I believe it is 3 months.

Are there any GED classes in California?

Stanley High School provides students and working adults a unique opportunity to earn a GED Diploma in California state of USA. For more information, you can visit

How do I get a GED in California?

You should look into Adult Education as they usually always have a course offered so that people may obtain their GED either by refresh classes, or tests to check ability to pass the GED test.

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