Where in Greenland are greenlanders located?

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Only near the coast, because those are the only ice-free areas. The highest populations are on the southeast and southwest coasts.
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Where is Greenland?

Greenland is an autonomous region of the European country ofDenmark, and consists of a vast island stretching from the NorthAtlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean along the northeast coast ofNorth America. It lies immediately east of northern Canada. It is the largest island in the world, aside from th ( Full Answer )

Why is Greenland not a continent?

Answer . It is too small to be regarded as a continent, but is an island. On maps using the Mercator projection, it appears to be larger than it really is. A map using other projections or a globe show its true size more accurately. . Not only that, it is not a landmass itself. North America, l ( Full Answer )

What is Greenland culture?

Greenland culture is currently a blend of traditional Inuit andScandinavian customs. Traditional art techniques of the Inuits suchas whale-ivory carving continues to thrive today. The nationalsport of Greenland is association football.

What if US was on Greenland?

I don't understand your question, but if the United States were in the same latitude as Greenland, then the temperature would quite obviously be a lot lower, as they would be further away from the equator.

What is the Greenland effect?

The Greenland effect occurs when you attempt to make a flatrepresentation of a sphere. The result is the poles become wildlyexaggerated , and the middle is distorted also.

What is the climate in Greenland?

"Greenland" may have received its name because it was one of the few places that far north that had substantial vegetation on its southern coast, especially during a warmer period from 800 to 1300 AD. The large permanent ice cap can partially thaw on its surface, and there are many glaciers around i ( Full Answer )

How was Greenland made?

well Greenland was the first island open it was realy opened first if you go there. there is vikings but not like the football players of vikings the real vikings im talking about.you should know where is Greenland close to Canada its cool so yeah.ill show you how its made man.vikings were searching ( Full Answer )

Is Greenland a democracy?

Greenland has a parliamentary democracy within theconstitutional monarchy of the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark's QueenMargrethe II is represented in Greenland by High CommissionerMikaela Engell. The Prime Minister is Kim Kielsen. . There is five political parties in Greenland . Socialdemocrats: Siu ( Full Answer )

Who colonized Greenland?

Greenland was colonized by the Danish. However it is possible thatpeople first lived in Greenland in 2500 BC.

What continent is Greenland located?

Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America, Greenland has been politically associated with Europe (specifically Denmark ( Full Answer )

Where is Greenland located at?

Greenland is located on the top of north America and it's to the east and o the west of Europe and china.

What they do for a living in Greenland?

Greenland is a civilaized nation/land. There have normal jobs like baker, firefighters, doctors, busses, teachers and so on.

Is there a desert in Greenland?

Yes there is a desert in Greenland. See most people assume that a desert means sand in hot humid areas of the world like the Sahara with camels running around. Here for you is the definition of what a desert is. des·ert 1 (dzrt) n. 1. A barren or desolate area, especially: a. A dry, ( Full Answer )

What hemisphere is Greenland?

Greenland is located in the Western Hemisphere. Other countrieslocated in this hemisphere is the Caribbean, North America and halfof Antarctica.

Is Greenland a subcontinent?

A subcontinent is a large mass of land that is almost big enough tobe a continent. Greenland is a subcontinent.

Why was Greenland called Greenland?

Although the coasts of the island are very green in the summer when they are ice-free, it may have been part of the colonization efforts by its discoverer, Erik the Red (Danish: Erik den Røde). After being exiled from Iceland, he returned there in 982, and called the new island Greenland, to attr ( Full Answer )

Why did the vikings name Greenland Greenland?

Some danish guy named it Greenland because it sounded good. Though some people say he called it Grundland (Groundland) and somehow it became Grønland (Greenland)...

What are cities in Greenland?

Greenland has some cities and alot of smaller cities.. Capital: Nuuk Big cities: Maniitsoq, Sisimiut, Aasiaat, Tasiilaq, Narsaq, Kangerlussuaq, Qeqertarsuaq, Nanortalik, Uummannaq, Ilulissat, Ittorqortormiit, Qaqortoq, Paamiut, Upernavik etc.

Currency of Greenland?

Greenland uses the Danish krone has their monetary unit. One U.S.dollar is about five and a half Danish Krone.

When was Greenland discovered?

Greenland was discovered in 982 1000AD. it was discovered by Eric the Red or Eric Thoualdsson . He was exiled from Iceland because of murder reports. Then when it expired he returned to Iceland to bring people to Greenland to make cohabitant. His son was born in Greenland. He discovered other plac ( Full Answer )

Where is Greenland island located?

Greenland is located North East of Canada and North West of Iceland. Look on a map, it's nice and big, you will find it easily.

What region is Greenland in?

Greenland is not in a region. Greenland is in the territory of Denmark. There are many regions in Greenland.

How cold is Greenland?

The average temperature in Greenland in Janruary is 17 degrees F.The coldest day on record was -87 F

Is the magnetic south pole located in Greenland?

the magnetic south pole is located at the true north pole and the the magnetic north pole is located at the true south pole. So greenland is closer to true north/magnetic south

What can you do in Greenland?

nothing, its just a island 15 times bigger than the uk that is covered with snow so you can just have snowball fights

What body of water is Greenland located in?

The main two being the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, but these have been split into seas so you could say four bodies of water surround Greenland. Those being the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, the Greenland Sea to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and Baffin Bay to the west.

Does Greenland have wildlife?

yes of course as with every where else. The waters surrounding greenland are very rich and so there is a huge number of marine mammals ranging from large numbers of walrus, to many species of whales. Musk oxen are found on greenland (over 3000) as are polar bears, reindeer even a growing number o ( Full Answer )

What is the poputation of Greenland?

According to a 2007 estimation, the populaton is around 56, 344. In all honesty, however, the population is probably larger than that now.

What is the name of the island country located between Greenland and Norway?

Iceland (/ˈaɪslənd/) (Icelandic : Ísland (names of Iceland) IPA: [ˈislant]) is a European island country in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Faroe Islands (Faroese : Føroyar , Danish : Færøerne ) are an island group situated between the Nor ( Full Answer )

Are there trees in Greenland?

No,normally in greenland,there aren't trees because greenland have got an arctic climate in the polar zone.But in the southern part of greenland there is a subpolar zone with a warmer climate and there grow trees

What is special about Greenland?

there are mummy's in Greenland 8th mummies (six women's and two children were found and they were all mummies and In 1972 they were found by two hunters, brothers, Hans gronvold and his brother jokum, discovered them. The six-month-old child and three of the female mummies are on permanent displa ( Full Answer )

Is Greenland Iceland?

No. There is one little confusing thing though. Iceland is green and warm, while Greenland is covered in snow and ice.

Does Greenland have glaciers?

Yes, Greenland is frozen so it has many glacier's (This is a response from the jdDictionary)

Is they rivers in Greenland?

here are the rivers . Gudenelv (Gods River) . Marrakajik (Schuchert River) . Primulaelv . Zackenberg River [edit]West Coast . Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua . Isortup Kuua . Isuitsup Kuua (Igassup Kuua) . Kapisillit River . Majorqaq . Minturn Elv (Minturn River) . Pinguarsuup Alannguata ( Full Answer )

Who was discovered Greenland?

Erik the Red from Norway, 950-1003 AD, he was exiled from Norway and from Iceland too because of his temper and mannerisms, it was also suggested that he had committed murder in both Norway and Iceland. He sailed to the west and discovered the island. He was so impressed that he sailed back to Icela ( Full Answer )

Where in the world is Greenland located?

Greenland, the world's largest island, is located to the northeast of North America. Its geographic coordinates are 72 degrees North latitude and 40 degrees West longitude.

Does Greenland have a language?

Certainly Greenland has a language. Its official language isKalaallisut, also call West Greenlandic, an Aleute language. Since Greenland is an autonomous county within the Kingdom ofDenmark, the Danish language also has official status.

Is Greenland a Nordic?

The Nordic countries are a geographical and cultural region inNorthern Europe and the North Atlantic. Including there autonomousregions: The Aland Islands, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland

Is Greenland a misnomer?

Greenland is a misnomer because it's a name of a land but it's notgreen at all. It's actually white. During the Viking period, Erikthe Red named Greenland hoping it'll trick settlers coming over.The trick worked because they thought the land was green with noair pollution and it's a quiet park as th ( Full Answer )