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Q: Where in Montreal can you find a new cord for an old 42 cup coffee maker?
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Where can find a Cuisinart Coffee on Demand Coffee Maker?

One can find a Cuisinart Coffee on Demand Coffee Maker on the Cuisinart website. One can also find the Coffee Maker on the Amazon website offered by a variety of vendors.

How much for a commercial coffee maker?

The cost of the coffee maker you get depends on the style and the cup capacity. You can find some coffee makers as cheap as $30, but others that are as much as $1500.

Can you tell me a good website to find commercial coffee makers single cup? This is a good site to find a single cup coffee maker. Here's one to look at as well. It's cheap and a good single cup coffee maker.

Where can I find a coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee?

To find a coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee, check out local stores such as "Walmart" ,"Canadian Tire" and "Ikea". Stores like this will always be carrying coffee machines and most likely have single cup machines.

Where can you fin a spinal cord injury lawyer in Montreal?

To find a spinal cord injury lawyer in Montreal, you can use sites like Yelp which will provide you with a list of lawyers that specialize in spinal cord injury, as well as people's comments on the lawyer.

Where could one go to find customer reviews of a Keurig B60 coffee maker?

Consumer Reports is the most reliable place to find reviews of small appliances. They have reviewed the Keurig B60 coffee maker as well as other brands of coffee makers.

Where can one find images of Braun coffee maker parts?

A person can find images of Braun coffee maker parts online at websites such as eBay, Amazon, ShaverSpot, Sears, Totalvac, eReplacementParts as well as Google Images.

Where can one find a carafe replacement for a coffee maker online?

You can find a carafe replacement for a coffee maker online at Amazon. The typical price of a carafe replacement would be around 20 to 30 United States dollars.

What coffee maker has the largest pot?

It's difficult to find drip coffee makers with pots over 12 cups or so. Larger pots are heavier, more difficult to pour, and increase the risk of accident. If more coffee at a time is needed, your options are a multi-pot coffee maker or an urn-type coffee maker. Coffee urns come in sizes that brew up to 60 cups of coffee at a time.

Where can I get a single cup coffee maker?

You can find a single cup coffee maker at your local Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also check out places on the computer such as Ebay or Amazon.

Will the Black & Decker DCM18 Brew N Go Coffee Maker work with different cups?

No. You may have to find a replacement mug of the same size and there is no warming feature for this coffee maker.

Where can one go to buy replacement parts for this coffee maker?

One can go to several online websites to find replacement parts for a coffee maker. Some of these include: Parts Store, Amazon, Mr. Coffee, and Essential Wonders.

Is the Gaggia coffee maker programmable?

I looked all over the web to find a programmable Gaggia coffee maker, I was able to find very few sites that listed the actual details of the Gaggia coffee machine. I was able to find that the Gaggia Expresso machines are programmable. A new line of electronic models are now available.

Where can one find a two cup coffee maker?

One can find a two cup coffee maker at most major retailers including Walmart, Target, Kohls, Lowes, Home Depot, and Meijer. One can also find them online on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Where can I buy a Breville coffee maker online?

You can buy a new Breville coffee maker online at Overstock, Amazon, and at the Breville USA website. You can also find Breville coffee makers at retail store websites such as Macy's and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Can you tell me a good website to find bunn commercial coffee maker?

Various stores online sell Bunn commercial coffee maker, including this small shop. A great place that offers these coffee makers is found at a Bunn store online.

Where could one find reviews for the Braun 12 cup coffee maker?

The best place to find reviews for the Braun 12 cup coffee maker would be on the Amazon site. Users who have purchased this item will often write reviews on items they have purchased.

Where can someone find spare parts for a Burn coffee maker?

A person can find spare parts for a Burn coffee maker from the following suppliers: Sears Part Direct, Hamilton Beach, Amazon Market Place, Pamasco, Essential Wonders, Parts Town.

Where could one find reviews of Keurig coffee makers?

There are several places on the internet where someone can find reviews for the Keurig coffee maker. Some of these places include Amazon, and One Cup Coffee Source.

Where can one get a Keurig one cup coffee maker?

A Keurig one cup coffee maker can be purchased online on Best Buy. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

Where can I find a good commercial coffee maker?

You can purchase commercial coffee maker online at, or It would be beneficial online, therefore you can compare prices, read reviews and return your product with no hassle.

Where can I get an automatic coffee maker?

You can find automatic coffee makers at stores like Target, Kmart, Sears or Walmart. You can find a great variety at these stores at low prices guaranteed.

Where can one find a coffee maker that makes both coffee and espresso?

Coffeemakers that can make all types of coffee drinks are becoming increasingly popular. A few good places to find these are Kohls, Macy's, Overstock, and Amazon.

How To Find A Free 12 Cup Coffee Maker?

Finding a good 12-cup coffee maker is sometimes a difficult process. In order to brew 12 quality cups of coffee, the unit must be built well and have durable components. Some people may purchase a cheap coffee maker, enticed by the low price, only to find that the unit stops working within a few months. Good coffee makers are usually fairly expensive because they have been put together carefully, inspected and packaged well. Also they are built with materials designed to last and tend to be durable enough to live their warranty life or longer. Investing money in an inexpensive 12-cup coffee maker is somewhat risky - another option is to find a free unit. Local newspapers may be a valuable source for finding a free 12-cup coffee maker. Many people who purchase a good coffee maker but decide to upgrade later will often list their used coffee maker for giveaway. This is the best option for those who can’t afford to purchase a good coffee maker and wish to avoid investing money in a questionable or cheap unit. Also for those who live in or near larger cities, an ad may be posted on requesting a quality used coffee maker for free. People who have an interesting trinket or an item they wish to trade may include that in the description to attract readers. As always, those who use Craigslist should never meet anyone at a home to pick up the coffee maker - meetings should always take place in a public location. Some coffee companies offer a free coffee maker with the purchase of 2 or more bags of coffee, however most of these companies usually only offer a single-cup or 4-cup coffee maker. One company that always offers a free 12-cup coffee maker is Gevalia. The electric unit they give away is valued at $100 and comes with a 1-year full warranty, so it is definitely an excellent freebie. For between $15 and $25, new customers may purchase 2-4 bags of coffee and receive the free coffee maker. Another site that posts all the current free 12-cup coffee maker promotions from various coffee companies is

Where can one find a replacement carafe for a Gevalia coffee maker?

The Gevalia website offers a replacement carafe for the Gevalia coffee maker. A 12 cup replacement carafe is offered for $16.99 to replace the carafe for models G70 and G75.