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Where in Pakistan is jute grown?

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in the jungle

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Where jute and tobacco are grown in Pakistan?

tobacco is grown in warm climates and jute is grown in jungle.

Where jute tobacco and rice grown in Pakistan?


What percent of the world's jute is grown in Pakistan?

Pakistan doesn't grow jute in very large quantity. Current standing of Pakistan in jute production is 23. Bangladesh produces the finest quality of jute and is on top in exporting it to many countries of the world.

Where is jute grown?

Jute is grown in Jungle

What is the scientific name of jute?

There are two commercially grown types of Jute. White Jute (Corchorus capsularis) and Tossa Jute (Corchorus olitorius).

Where jute grown in India?

assam ,

In which climatic condition jute grow?

jute is grown in rainy climate.

What is grown in Bangladesh?

Jute and Rice i think

Where is jute grown in India?

West Bengal

Areas where jute grown in Bangladesh mark on a map?


Why is jute chiefly grown in India and Bangladesh?

Jute was also known as the 'Golden Fibre'. It grows well on alluvial soil and requires high temperature,heavy rainfall and humid climate. This crop is grown in the tropical areas. India and Bangladesh are the leading producers of jute.

How did the partition of the country in 1947 affect the jute industry?

The partition of the country in 1947 affected the jute industry in the following manner: Before independence, India had a monopoly in the production of raw jute and jute manufacturing's in the world. The partition of the country inflicted a severe blow to the jute industry, with the result that jute mills remained in India, whereas a major portion of jute producing area went over to Pakistan. Most of the jute mills in India were taken over by the Marwaris businessmen. In East Pakistan after partition in 1947 lacked a Jute Industry but had the finest jute fiber stock. In 1947-48 production of jute was 16-5 lakh bales as against pre-partition output of 65-7 lakh bales. This situation created a crisis in the jute textile industry and it was further worsened, when the Pakistan Government stopped supply of raw jute to India. Thus, efforts were made by the Government of India for the extension of area under jute in the country after independence. ORPartition of the country in 1947 affected the jute industry as the jute growing areas were in East Pakistan (now in Bangladesh) and jute mills were in India. India has to import raw jute from Bangladesh to run the jute mills. There has been gradual decline in the jute industry due to the following reason: i). Decline in demand for jute products. ii). Old and outdated machinery. iii). High cost of production and stiff international competition from Bangladesh and Brazil. iv). Emergence of synthetic substitutes. v) .Non-availability of labour.

Is jute a food crop?

Jute leaves are eaten in Nigeria and the Philippines. The shredded leaves are added to other plant leaves (with or without adding fish or meat) to make a soup.

Why jute is grown in west Bengal or sundarban delta region?

jute is found in the delta regions of west bengal as there is more of water there may be.

Where is jute grown in India and how?

west Bengal and search wikipedia for more information

Where rice grown?

in pakistan

Which crop is grown in alluvial soil?

Wheat and Rice.cotton, jute etc.Barley,jute,corn,wheat,oilseed,coffee,potatoes,chili,cloves

What vegetables start with the letter A in Pakistan?

Arum is a vegetable grown in Pakistan.

Where are apples grown in the world?


What are the main crops of Pakistan and where it is grown?

Wheat is the main crop of Pakistan. Maize, cotton, sugarcane, rice, barley, are a few other crops which are grown in Pakistan in large quantity.

What are the two fiber crops grown in India describe geographical conditions also?

Cotton and jute

Where is cotton grown in Pakistan?

Cotton is the fourth largest crop that Pakistan exports around the world. The cotton is grown in the eastern sections of the country.

Where the dry fruits are grown in Pakistan?

Dry fruits are grown in Peshawar and Quetta .

Where is sugarcane grown in Pakistan?

south west

What season do apples grow in Karachi?

Apples are not grown in Karachi. In Pakistan apples are grown in Baluchistan, interior sindh, northern areas of Pakistan and in Kashmir.